RDP Sunday: Realm

View from steps of St. Urs Cathedral, Solothurn

This afternoon I escaped into my realm. I saddled the wheelchair and was determined to visit my realm. I arrived in Solothurn 50 years ago, bringing the first two years of my Swiss life in Zürich. After 50 years of living in this area and even marrying a native eventually, it becomes part of my life. I was 22 when I arrived in Solothurn and had no plans or ideas to stay. I was young and just took life as it arrived.

However, Mr. Swiss was partially to blame for my adopting this place as my realm. I know every street, every alley, almost every stone. You tend to trip over these cobblestones and remember which ones to avoid. My doctor is here, my dentist, my bank and the stores that I know, although I must admit that I tend to shop in a neighbouring village which has a larger supermarket than Solothurn

I live in a neighbouring village, but just 5-10 minutes by wheelchair along the road, and only 3-5 minutes in a car.

When I arrived in town on this wonderful sunny Winter Day I wheeled to the top step of the local cathedral where there is a perfect view of the main street. Due to the sun I am afraid my photo was not so perfect as I was standing direct in its light.


I took the photo with my phone camera which is not as good. However I have a photo taken from the top step of the cathedral  from another occasion at the top of this post. The main difference is that the photo from this afternoon has our Christmas tree.

As it was a Sunday afternoon there were not so many people strolling around the town.  Most of the crowds were sitting on our restaurant mile along the river.

Landhausquai 19.01 (1)

It is the capital town of the Kanton of Solothurn where we pay our taxes, so it can really be considered as our realm. We even pay for the streets to be kept in order and other installations.

I would add I love this little town, I feel at home here.

RDP Sunday: Realm

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