FOWC with Fandango: Co-ordinate


A  miracle of co-ordination
Everything a picture of creation
Cook the meat, the pasta can wait
There is ironing to do, it is not too late
Boil the water and add some salt
Keep an eye on it all, and do not find fault
Ironing almost finished and the water will boil
Now for the pasta, it must not spoil
The meat is ready, there is no rush
Only two items for the iron to crush
Taste the pasta, can you bite through?
If you can, it is ready, nothing more to do
A miracle of co-ordination is now complete
The linen is finished, so sit down and eat


FOWC with Fandango: Co-ordinate

RDP Sunday: Realm

View from steps of St. Urs Cathedral, Solothurn

This afternoon I escaped into my realm. I saddled the wheelchair and was determined to visit my realm. I arrived in Solothurn 50 years ago, bringing the first two years of my Swiss life in Zürich. After 50 years of living in this area and even marrying a native eventually, it becomes part of my life. I was 22 when I arrived in Solothurn and had no plans or ideas to stay. I was young and just took life as it arrived.

However, Mr. Swiss was partially to blame for my adopting this place as my realm. I know every street, every alley, almost every stone. You tend to trip over these cobblestones and remember which ones to avoid. My doctor is here, my dentist, my bank and the stores that I know, although I must admit that I tend to shop in a neighbouring village which has a larger supermarket than Solothurn

I live in a neighbouring village, but just 5-10 minutes by wheelchair along the road, and only 3-5 minutes in a car.

When I arrived in town on this wonderful sunny Winter Day I wheeled to the top step of the local cathedral where there is a perfect view of the main street. Due to the sun I am afraid my photo was not so perfect as I was standing direct in its light.


I took the photo with my phone camera which is not as good. However I have a photo taken from the top step of the cathedral  from another occasion at the top of this post. The main difference is that the photo from this afternoon has our Christmas tree.

As it was a Sunday afternoon there were not so many people strolling around the town.  Most of the crowds were sitting on our restaurant mile along the river.

Landhausquai 19.01 (1)

It is the capital town of the Kanton of Solothurn where we pay our taxes, so it can really be considered as our realm. We even pay for the streets to be kept in order and other installations.

I would add I love this little town, I feel at home here.

RDP Sunday: Realm

One Word Sunday: Sunrise


Did someone say sunrise. As if on command the sun really did rise this morning after a week of grey cloudless days. The sun was always there, of course, but preferred to hover over the cloud level and could only be see if you had taken a trip up our local mountain. People have be flocking into the heights in Switzerland to again see this big yellow ball.

This morning I was rewarded with this spectacular sunrise at 7.45 am. Generally the first thing I do when I rise in the morning is to take a photo of the outside world, hoping to get something interesting on my lens. This morning I was rewarded. Perhaps that guy up there, let’s call him Sunny, did not want to disappoint me. There is always a certain moment in the morning when the sun is at its best.

One Word Sunday: Sunrise

Good Morning


As the sun was rising this morning a jet was flying overhead on its way to another country. I often thought they were the flights from Zürich airport, but have since discovered, with the Flightradar24 app on my electronic devices, that they are often flights crossing over Switzerland from one country to another. Yes the world is really getting smaller. I remember my very first flight was from England to Basel with a propeller plane for my first holiday with a friend abroad. After landing in Basel we were picked up with the rest of the travellers by coach and were on our way to Sorrento in Italy. I think we chose the Sorrento holiday as both our fathers served for a time in the war in the area. It was then war, but now a holiday resort. Tempo passati, I was then 18 years old and now am 73, but some things you never forget.


So what did I do yesterday? I was determined to go somewhere in the afternoon after the so-called holidays (which are not holidays really, just more stress with organising shopping and family life) and took a wheelie in my chair.  It was an experiment as after a couple of journeys in my wheelchair I had not uploaded the battery as it seems it prolongs the battery life and it is better to let it run down now and again. According to the wheelchair guy I would have no problem, as it takes time for the battery to really give up. I got as far as the gate to the local town of Solothurn, but noticed on climbs that the chair fell into a red signal and turned back to travel home. I still managed to get some useful shots with my camera. This photo was the nearest I got to Solothurn showing the cathedral.


However on the way I saw that the local horses were just let out onto the pastures after being in their stables. First of all I saw this one alone munching on the meadow. She was quite close for a change. They usually stand more in the distance.



And then I heard the thudding of hooves and the remainder of the troop arrived. They were just a little too fast for my camera, but I managed to catch the last couple on the way.


I had never seen so many of them together. I am not basically a horsey person. Of course I love to see them and above all manage a few shots with the camera, but I am wary of them. I cannot ride  and would have problems mounting a horse, but they are beautiful animals.


It was quite a cold afternoon, but it was good to get out in the fresh air. I was overtaken by the local train as I wheeled along the side path to the tracks.

Today I have a veal ragout for lunch, so will now depart to begin cooking. I can then let it simmer until lunchtime. I might just go again on a journey this afternoon. My wheelchair is now fully loaded and I will have a look around the town to catch up on what I missed yesterday. It looks again like a sunny day today. I really got some good shots of the sunrise this morning, but am saving them for another blog.


However I did managed this photo yesterday evening as the sun was going down on me (sounds like a pop song). Even Mr. Swiss called me to take a look at the sunset, although I had already taken my photos and was busy cooking a chilli con carne for the evening meal. I really have to apply logistics to my timetable.

In the meanwhile have a good Sunday and just look on the bright side of it all, there is always a silver lining somewhere, although I know myself, it is often hidden in the wrong places.