FOWC with Fandango: Vulnerable

The solution to my problem
I think has now been found
I visited the museum
and discovered a common ground
I am very vulnerable to injuries
Especially when I fall
A suit of armour is ideal
The solution to it all
There is just a little problem
Am no longer a younger pup
If I tumble to the ground
Will be too heavy to stand up

FOWC with Fandango: Vulnerable

RDP Saturday: New Beginnings


At the age of 73 you are glad that you are not making any new beginnings, but can carry on as usual. Today the sun managed to poke its way through the clouds. This means give yourself a push and go places and see things, so I did.

I saddled my wheelchair and switched on the power and was away, although this was coupled with a new beginning. The wheelchair man who paid a visit before Christmas to tighten up a few screws advised me that I should let the battery/accumulator go down to a minimum of power and not constantly reload to full after a journey: although I only reload during the night as electricity is half price, as this is not good for the battery. I have followed his advice. There are various coloured lamps on the steering and the idea would be green (2 lamps). The next would be yellow (also two) and I can still travel quite well with yellow. So today I put the theory to the test and when I got town I was on yellow. However, I had to climb a slope and it went immediately to red, and even flickered on and off now and again, although I was still rolling. When I returned to the flat surface I was again back to yellow. It was then I decided to turn and go back home. I did not want to be stuck somewhere at the side of a main road with no power. I reached home quite safely, and even managed to have 50 photos in my camera on the way, as the one above, which I took with my mobile phone. One thing is now clear, I know the limits of my wheelchair.

There was a second problem. When I go places in my chair, Mr. Swiss always does a check with me that I have everything, mainly my mobile phone that we have contact. He should also remind me of my gloves which he did not actually forget. They were not on his list, and should have been on mine. I reached home safely with frozen hands, almost. I was travelling against the wind and even my 6 miles an hour is fast enough. Remember to take you gloves in Winter.

Another new beginning will be a manual wheelchair eventually for shopping. I will have to have an advisory discussion with the sales people where I buy them for the various possibilities.  I need a transport for the store, for carrying enough bought provisions, and a chair that I can take apart to put in my car afterwards. I will also need to contact my neurologist to see what the Swiss invalid insurance are prepared to pay for this new transport. They will probably not pay all, but a certain amount I hope. Unfortunately MS is a progressive problem and my walking abilities are slowly diminishing and my legs get tired much quicker than they used to.

As you can see my new beginnings are not those of the normal average person, but a normal average person does not really exist. However as long as there is a sun on the horizon I can take a few photos.


RDP Saturday: New Beginnings

Good Morning


Today we got clouds, at last something more interesting. I almost gave up on my morning photos. The only places I have seen lately are the store and home. I have not had the time or energy to go places after the holidays. Why do we call them holidays? Holidays are when you do only what you enjoy doing and there was not a lot of time for enjoyment at Christmas and New Year. It was one big logistic exercise making sure everyone was having a good “holiday” and yes, that word again. My holiday consisted of organising. Driving to the store, hoping to get a parking spot, moving bags of shopping back home and cooking.

I also managed to fit in some “me” time and that is just as important. I like to do something a little more than just housework. Now it is over and the little Christmas decorations that I had will be cleared away at the week-end.


Yesterday was week-end shopping time again, a normal week-end, at least I thought. Armed with my list I entered the store. I did notice there were more cars as usual. It was not a normal smooth Friday afternoon. Many were still celebrating their free time and instead of the usual group of housewives and kids the  husbands were also there. There were couples standing around discussing whether to get this or that. Generally the women can do it all on their own, but now the husbands were also drawn into the discussion and conversation was based on “do we need that”, “should we get that” questions and answers. There are advantages when you do it all on your own, you make your own decisions and go direct to what you need.


Now it is over, we are all back to normal, I hope. The men return to their places of work and the women are multi tasking again. Many of us also work as well as managing the household. I know it, I did it for at least 30 years and as a sideline bringing up the kids.

Yesterday evening I was again watching the TV and it was the last episodes of the new TV series of Dracula.  It eventually became a sort of psychological analysis of the reasons for Dracula being a vampire. I must say the original story by Bram Stoker was much clearer. the guy just enjoyed his thirst for blood. Now I had to learn from the new version, that we should almost feel sorry for Dracula. The reason for his blood addiction was explained that it was to keep him alive as he was frightened of dying. The grand finale was when the descendent of the nun, who is actually now a scientist investigating the vampire way of life, died arm in arm with Dracula. She was dying in any case with a fatal illness and she sort of persuaded Dracula to join her. A fairy story with a happy end almost. I think I preferred the original story.

Today a normal Saturday although what normal is I am still trying to discover. I might be on a wheelie this afternoon into town. The actual town I have not visited since two weeks and it is good to circulate amongst the people.

I am now off to do this and that, so enjoy the day.