RDP Friday: Breathe


I am slowly suffocating down here beneath the cloud cover. At first we had a week of rain, which has now disappeared, and now everything is covered with a lid of grey. Today the sun appeared, for two minutes, we even had some clouds. This photo was taken some time ago, when our weather was normal.

I had to have a little chuckle when I read that everyone is suffering from the withdrawal of fresh air and sunny days. What do you do to overcome this state of affairs? Being in Switzerland we have the wonderful opportunity of travelling to higher places. Our lid of grey can be pierced by going to the higher altitudes.

It seems there is now a mass exodus and anyone that has the time and a car is travelling up. They are overcoming this grey oppression and going to the mountains. There is a small disadvantage. When the Swiss valleys and flat lands are being emptied, it means that the small mountain villages and the winding roads to the heights are being clogged up with traffic and their exhaust fumes: cars searching for parking places, waiting for traffic lights to change and attacking the clean air zones in the heights.

I am staying where I am, I do not need to take the highway to hell.

RDP Friday: Breathe

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