RDP Wednesday: Frigid


Below in the cellar there is a fridge
It makes everything cold and rigid
It works quite well,  I have a problem
The ice is making it frigid
Had a look today, the bread must go
It is feeling very much lost
Time has come for a switch off
The fridge I must defrost
And so I take a pick and axe
Perhaps some fire and matches
The ice will melt and so will the fridge
But the bread will defrost – in patches.

RDP Wednesday: Frigid

Good Morning 2020


I really thought that the sun would have made an effort to show itself on the first morning of the new year, but it stayed behind the clouds. All I got was a plain sky whose colour was nothing special. Otherwise it is 01.01.2020 today which only comes once in your life, Many of you will still be sleeping due to seeing the new year in and partying the night away. I partied the night hugging my bed already at 11.15. I did hear a couple of fireworks in the distance before retiring, but otherwise it was a quiet evening here.

I managed to get a cold on the last day of the old year and am still sneezing in the new year so it will be a beginning to remember.


The neighbours cat Roschti, paid a visit this morning. I think every cat that walks through our garden decides to pay a visit to Tabby’s water bowl, even the sparrows enjoy a sample. It is probably marked on the animal map as the water source for all.


I decided as it was the last day of the old year yesterday it would be the idea to clear away the remainders and begin afresh. I summoned No. 1 son, and drove off with him to the local bottle bank in the village. There are various containers for glass and metal. I usually park the car and my son empties the bags of unwanted refuse. He does it very well and in five minutes we were finished with the job and now I have two empty bags ready to be filled with next months refuse. There was another lady in her car and I can imagine that it will be frequently visited in the next couple of weeks. Over the holiday time and on Sunday you are not allowed to use it.We are now off to a fresh clean start.


I did not go anywhere yesterday and have no big plans for today. If my head is not too much stuffed up with my cold I might make an excursion into town this afternoon, but that is written in the clouds. Mr. Swiss has now also stopped hugging the bed and we were just discussing how it was, the sixties seventies etc. until the jear 2000 a greater milestone in life. How we looked forward to the holidays in between and eventually being retired and having time to do what we wanted to. And now we are there, he is 80 I am 73, both golden oldies and both with our health problems. He now very rarely goes anywhere and only as a passenger in the car and my journeys are mainly to the stores or now and then a wheelie in my chair into town. Things we never imagined when we were younger.


And today is more or  less the last day of the holidays. Tomorrow things revert to a normal life, I hope. We have no doctor appointments, or dentist. I have booked my hairdresser for next week. The only excitement I seem to have at the moment is watching the birds help themselves to their morning food supplies.

So let us look foward to the new year with all the changes that will be. In my 73 years of experience I have noticed that life is full of changes and we must go with them, do we have a choice?

On this philosophical note (I really must be getting old) I make my into the first day of the new decade. May the new year bring you all that you wish for, mainly good health I would say. See you around later.