RDP Tuesday: Stellar

New Car

On 27th December 2018 I got my new car, meaning that I have now had it for year. My very first proper car that i bought myself, dealing with a salesman at our garage, deciding which car to buy and even insuring it and all the other bits and pieces. Dealing with the national authorities, getting it permitted to go onto the road. I even closed an insurance for legal dealings in case it might be necessary due to an accident. And no, there have been no accidents, anyhow nothinng too grave. I did have a little encounter with another car, but no permanent damage done. She had a scratch and so did I, but curable to no extra costs. What do they say, that’s life.

I remember when I picked up my car. It was enshrouded in a green cloth, hidden from view and the car salesman unveiled it and even took a photo of me at the moment in time when I could say, “It is all mine”. The make is a Skoda, which is very much similar to Volkswagon, but a little cheaper in price. Mr. Swiss no longer drives a car, which is the main reason why I did it.


And what were the other highlights of the year?

Actually it was not a bad year after all we looking back. Not once did I have to go to the hospital in an ambulance. In 2018 I had a couple of stupid falls, nothing dramatic, but I cannot stand up under my own power and I needed those stronge muscular ambulance men to pick me up again. This year I did not fall once (more luck than judgement) and also did not break any bones. It was in January 2018 that I broke my leg. I discovered this year that having Multiple Sclerosis is not fun and no matter what treatment you have, it progresses. There is no cure. I inject every second day and I suppose it does help. The illness has many faces and mine leads to disablement of the limbs. I can still manage to walk in a Monty Python way of Ministry of Silly walks style, but with time the ability decreases. Next year might bring the permanent usage of a wheelchair, but let us wait and see.

This year was a chauffeur driven year, taking Mr. Swiss to various appointments for having new eyes and teeth. And in November I became grandmother for the second time, this time it was a granddaughter, so now I have one of each sort.

And today it comes to the end of a decade. I am curious to know how my sitution develops during the next year, but I take it as it comes and intend to continue blogging. Happy New Year everyone and may it be a good one, but who knows. It is written in the stars.


RDP Tuesday: Stellar

5 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Stellar

    • Not exactly, but I try my best. I was in bed for an afternoon sleep for two hours and decided it was time to leave the bed otherwise I would sleep through the New Year.
      And a happy New Year to you over the pond

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