FOWC with Fandango: Open

Waiting for customers at Migros, Langendorf

No more trolleys, no more queues
Keep your parking spaces that I will not use
Gone are the days of filling up my cart
I can do my shopping just to please my heart
Switch on the computer and go to your site
Order what you need, it will be a pure delight
They will bring it to your door on the next day
It is all customer service, you just have to pay
And I can sit a home and wait for it to happen
Oh what a wonderful thing, I will be clapping
But where will I go if, I stay at home
I will become a hermit and will have no need to roam
Sitting indoors all day and staring at the wall
Is not the essence of life, I might begin to bawl
So trolleys here I come, there will be no neglect
When I am old and fragile, my needs can be decked.

FOWC with Fandango: Open

Good Morning


I thought we might get a repeat performance of the sunrise this morning, but just clouds. At least we have clouds and not a grey lid over our heads. It is also very cold, below 0°C, but I will survive. I have to wear my long padded coat when I go outside to feed the birds.


I was taking a few photos of the birds yesterday and when I uploaded them I found this shot. It was hopping around with the sparrows and so I was sure it was a sparrow. However, at a closer look he looks a bit more dressed up with his black and white feathers and a slightly more colourful tummy. It also has a bluish tinge to the head.


The tits have also returned. They made themselves scarce over the Christmas Holidays. There was probably too much rain.

Otherwise I seem to spend my days in the same old routine of housewife chores, keeping the apartment dust free, I got post from the local authorities just after Christmas informing me that the form I completed with details of my cleaning lady wages  had been accepted and they will be deducting a certain amount from my account annually as a contribution to her state pension. It is not a fortune and affordable, but I noticed they waste no time in doing it. You cannot avoid the law, although it will probably be deductible from my income tax.

In a few days it will be 2020 and another decade comes to an end. I remember in my younger days when I would now and again cast a thought of reaching the next century and now 20 years have already passed and we are now qualified golden oldies, but we carry on regardless. I notice my walking abilities are not getting any better and I am really considering purchase of a wheelchair for car transport later this year. I still manage the shopping  but I often have too much to carry and organise. I am now also considering home delivery from our supermarket chain. I could order the bulk once a week and get the rest myself in the supermarket, meaning I would not have so much to get and my walker would be sufficient to bring the rest home. I do not really want to order my meat and veg online, but just the standard goods that a household always needs. I do not want to be home bound completely and still like to make my excursions.

And now to continue with the day. Yesterday I was thinking of a photo trip but cancelled it due to laziness to be quite honest. Today it might happen, I am thinking about it.


And time to move on, so have a good Sunday and take it easy.