RDP Saturday: Mixed Feelings


If there is anything to give you mixed feelings, it is the dentist’s chair. The first obstacle is overcome when it is your turn to enter the treatment room. Will it be painful, what will be discovered, will there be an injection, and how long will it be bored. With my experience over the years, and I am a golden oldie of 73 years, there will never be a painless treatment. I feel sorry for dentists. No-one enjoys paying them a visit. And the grand finale: the bill for the treatment. You even have to pay for the pain.

RDP Saturday: Mixed Feelings

14 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Mixed Feelings

    • I have discovered that the dentist, at least mine, always programmes the amount of time they need for what they do to you. I try to find out how long they have planned when I go. At least I know when it will be over.

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  1. I’m very lucky in that I have good teeth. I only have two fillings (though they will be 42 years old next May). I only visit the dentist for a six-month check-up and I am in the chair for precisely 5 minutes while she examines my teeth and complains that I am not helping her to increase her future pension πŸ˜€

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    • My mum never realised how important it would be to take care of your teeth. However, meeting Mr Swiss saved my teeth. He insisted I go regularly to the dentist for a check and I did. I still have my own teeth, at least most of them.

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      • Having lost all her teeth and having dentures by the age of 30, my mum always insisted on regular visits to the dentist. “Teeth and Feet” she always insisted were the most important things, so I always had my feet measured too.

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        • My mum had dentures with 40, but she did not learn very much. She always said it was because she had to drink iron medicine in the hospital after she had me.
          I never had prolems with my feet until the MS began to progress, They have lost a little feeline, especially the left foot. One good thing is that I can still drive my car with automatic gears. Who needs a left foot.

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  2. The first obstacle is actually making the appointment πŸ˜‚ I will procrastinate FOREVER if I could. Can you loan me some courage? I’ve been due for an appointment since like yesterday 😩

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    • I must say that dental work has made improvements over the years, but they cannot take the pain away unfortutunately . If the nerve is alive it likes to prove it.


    • Our dentist practice is really good. The son has taken over from the father who is now retired. It is a smaller town, they know us and we know them. They have been our family dentists for many years and have modernised the practice constantly. The son grew up in a dental family and I he loves his job.

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  3. Yeah, I agree. The dentist is never fun. However, I like hanging onto my teeth and I believe they are the reason why I do. Then again, every now and then I read that it doesn’t matter. So I don’t know. It’s another conundrum in the life of a human. Great post!

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