FOWC with Fandango: Theoretical

1st August

Theoretically I am Swiss, on paper not a miss
On the day that I got married, it was sealed with a kiss
I got a passport all in red, a gift because  I wed
My cockney origines still exist and in cockney it is said
My neighbours are cows, no more London pigeons
I cook cheese fondue, according to Swiss religions
My German writing is not so good. Mr. Swiss does text it
And I could not care less about the British Brexit

FOWC with Fandango: Theoretical

RDP Saturday: Mixed Feelings


If there is anything to give you mixed feelings, it is the dentist’s chair. The first obstacle is overcome when it is your turn to enter the treatment room. Will it be painful, what will be discovered, will there be an injection, and how long will it be bored. With my experience over the years, and I am a golden oldie of 73 years, there will never be a painless treatment. I feel sorry for dentists. No-one enjoys paying them a visit. And the grand finale: the bill for the treatment. You even have to pay for the pain.

RDP Saturday: Mixed Feelings

December Photo a Day Challenge: 28. Clocks, Watches

watch 006

I live in Switzerland but it doesn’t mean that I am a watch expert. However, I do live in part of Switzerland where the watch reagion starts. We even still have the old holidays in Summer known as “watchmakers holidays” when the factories would be closed for three weeks. Today no longer so actual as many of the established watch companies no longer exist.

However one watch stayed with me. It was developed under the name of the designer Michel Jordi and there was a version representing each Kanton of Switzerland.  The one in the photo is mine, a wonderful Christmas gift many years ago from Mr. Swiss. It represents the Kanton of Schwyz with its snow crystal pattern on the dial. There was even the watch strap with embroidered edelweiss flowers. I still have my watch, although I no longer wear it. They are no longer being made, the company had financial problems and no longer exists, but I am still proud to own one.

December Photo a Day Challenge: 28. Clocks, Watches

Good Morning


At last a sunrise – no rain or storm clouds, the sky is telling me today will be rain free and perhaps even a little sun. After a week of rain and a wet Christmas (yes the ghost of the Christmas past is still hovering aroud) we have light on the horizon. I am now hoping that the puddles will dry up outside.

Yesterday was almost a normal day. The stores were again open and I was allowed to go shopping for the week-end.  My life seems to be full of week-end journeys to the stores. Mr. Swiss had prepared a nice long list of the various medications that he needed from the chemists. I usually phone them in the morning to make sure if they have everything. They have a system where they can order in the morning and in the afternoon it is delivered. It is quite well organised. I do the shopping in the store and afterwareds drive off to the chemist, which is the same place more or less, to pick up the medicine.

Weissenstein Apotheke

They built the chemists (on the right on the photo) when they constructed the supermarket. Of course we have many chemists locally, but it is more convenient to deposit our perscriptions here because I am in the supermarket at least three times a week.

As you can see my life revolves in a small world, but the days when I worked and moved around in the business world are long gone. Being a  golden oldie has its advantages of not having to do anything (except visit the doctor and go shopping), but there is no real excitement left. Perhaps a new bird might arrive in the garden for a photo or even a mouse.


But my world is now centered around the shopping temple. This is the entrance with the restaurant and some shops. It might look empty, but he actual action takes place a floor higher where the supermarket is.

I should really break out today with my camera and make the most of the dry weather. There is not even any snow, which I am not sad about. It will be another romantic meal today with just Mr. Swiss and I as son No. 1 has decided to break out and visit the big city of Bern which is just an hour by a special train link from where we live. I remember the days when Mr. Swiss and I might go for a trip to Bern on Saturday afternoon. Our shopping experiences are now limited to the local shops and sightseeing only takes place in the local town.


In the meanwhile the sun has risen.

And now I am going to rise from my computer. I have things to do, although Saturday is not so much stress.  Enjoy the day wherever you are. I will make the most of mine.