RDP Friday: Aftermath


I suppose the word “Aftermath” could sum it up, but it feels more like a post mortem: where they examine the dead tissue to decide what it died of. I know I am a Christmas grinch, and am so glad the carnival of gifts, expensive food and decorations is now gone and we can almost get back to normal (until Easter, but that is another burden we all have to carry).

Today I ventured again into the store to replenish the empty shelves in the food cupboard and the fridge. It was almost begging me to fill it up again. And so this evening we will be having frankfurters and soup for a meal, which I really do not like, but Mr. Swiss grew up with them in Switzerland and my No. 1 son eats everything as long as it is not green (how can he miss the delights of brussel sprouts and broccoli).

The supermarket parking places were again bursting at the seams, with only three spare places out of 250 left. There were two empty places waiting for me on the 6 reserved spaces for the handicapped, so I was happy.  Of course there were labels hanging everywhere announcing half priced bargains, which were mainly unwanted clothing articles or the plants that no-one wanted.


And so life continues, and I have the pleasure this evening  of ironing the bed linen.

So let us now look forward to next Christmas, we have a year to prepare.

RDP Friday: Aftermath

8 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Aftermath

  1. WE are ALSO having frankfurters and soup tonight, something Owen and Garry are thrilled about and which I could do without. I don’t love frankfurters but it’s so un-American to admit it! Shopping after Christmas is still the best time o do it. Assuming you need anything — and have any money!

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    • I hate Frankfurters, but I managed to swallow half. I will now have some chocolate. Just spent half an hour ironing bed linen but now it is done for a couple of weeks.
      I need nothing except for a servant and they don’t have them in sales. I was back shopping for food today and again spending money of course, but not on bargains. I now have a two day holiday. They call it week-end and lasts until Monday when they let me out again. And then we have the New Year, which will be the same as the last one with one digit added onto it.


  2. I do not know why I’m so tired, but, thinking about it, this was an uncharacteristically busy December. Yesterday I drove to Del Norte, took down the show and brought everything home. Now I’m putting it away. I sold a lot, but I still spent more than I made. I have a lot more books hanging around the house (which I hate) and 11 remaining little paintings to hang on trees. I wish I’d had the idea for those much sooner. I think by the time they were available for people, most had done their decorating. Thank goodness I have a “day job.” Or had. As for frankfurters. I think I’m having Hot Links (a very spicy kind of sausage made with beef and red chili) and Parmesan pasta for supper. It’s fast. It’s easy. It does not involve shopping.

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    • I can understand. I had a particularly stressy time at the end of the year. Too much responsbility is weighing on my shoulders. My son is a help at home, but I am the only really mobile person in the family. The whole shopping depends on me, caring for Mr. Swiss and the housework. My own little private problem is not having time for myself in between. I so love to blog, to write, to take photographs, but it all has to be fitted in somewhere. And then the complete Christmas show, that really annoyed me, but now it is finished. New Year Resolution: Take it easy, so let’s do it.

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  3. As a little girl I loved hotdogs. Now only the real beef ones enter my diet! I like to mix them up with macaroni and chili. Extra cheese of course. Not bad really.
    As for this mad dashing to stores and matching gifts up with people, phew! So glad to be back to slow down mode!

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