FOTD 27th December 2019: Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

I planted my sweet peas from seed to add a bit of colour in my hedge. They have now added colour  in the surrounding meadows and are still spreading. Even the local gardener laughed when I told him that the sweet pea growing in between the trees were probably spread from my plants by seed. He laughed and said he suspected that something like that had happened. And so they remain and every year they appear again.

FOTD 27th December 2019: Sweet Pea

16 thoughts on “FOTD 27th December 2019: Sweet Pea

  1. I think WordPress is going through another “thing.” My comments are disappearing. It’s been happening for a few days, but today, it got really bad. Maybe it will cure itself. There doesnt’ seem to be much point in trying to get WP to fix anything.

    Are those sweet peas still growing now? We’re having such a non-winter, anything is possible.

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    • I haven’t had big problems with WordPress, although they have changed the presentation on my iPad of the reader. The computer picture has remained the same, which seems strange to me
      Nothing is really growing in the garden, although the leaves of my sweet pea have remained green in one plant


      • I’m hoping this is just one of their passing things. It is really hard to prove that something went missing. But if it doesn’t stop on its own, I guess I’ll have to report it. I’m so weary of dealing with customer service. ALL customer service. I think I spend more time on hold waiting for someone to talk to than I do talking to all my friends and family combined.

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      • I suspect that those I collect from the side of the road have a low viability rate. If I had sown more, and done so more carefully, some might have grown. I only wanted ‘some’. Yours were probably close to 100% viable because they are sorted for viability before packaging. (Viable seeds are separated from those that are not viable.)

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