FOTD 27th December 2019: Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

I planted my sweet peas from seed to add a bit of colour in my hedge. They have now added colour  in the surrounding meadows and are still spreading. Even the local gardener laughed when I told him that the sweet pea growing in between the trees were probably spread from my plants by seed. He laughed and said he suspected that something like that had happened. And so they remain and every year they appear again.

FOTD 27th December 2019: Sweet Pea

FOWC with Fandango: Popular


Just spread a few bird seeds and wait. First of all the magpie arrives and grabs the walnut I put out.

Then the crows arrive.


After they have finished the coast is clear and swarms of sparrows descend and take the rest. Must be something to do with the order of the species I suppose.

Sparrows 09.12 (2)

Or just a popular place for breakfast.

FOWC with Fandango: Popular

RDP Friday: Aftermath


I suppose the word “Aftermath” could sum it up, but it feels more like a post mortem: where they examine the dead tissue to decide what it died of. I know I am a Christmas grinch, and am so glad the carnival of gifts, expensive food and decorations is now gone and we can almost get back to normal (until Easter, but that is another burden we all have to carry).

Today I ventured again into the store to replenish the empty shelves in the food cupboard and the fridge. It was almost begging me to fill it up again. And so this evening we will be having frankfurters and soup for a meal, which I really do not like, but Mr. Swiss grew up with them in Switzerland and my No. 1 son eats everything as long as it is not green (how can he miss the delights of brussel sprouts and broccoli).

The supermarket parking places were again bursting at the seams, with only three spare places out of 250 left. There were two empty places waiting for me on the 6 reserved spaces for the handicapped, so I was happy.  Of course there were labels hanging everywhere announcing half priced bargains, which were mainly unwanted clothing articles or the plants that no-one wanted.


And so life continues, and I have the pleasure this evening  of ironing the bed linen.

So let us now look forward to next Christmas, we have a year to prepare.

RDP Friday: Aftermath

Good Morning


At last a normal day, no Christmas food, and no visitors, although yesterday was an exception as No. 2 son was here with family which we thoroughly enjoyed.

And it is raining again and again. It never really stopped since yesterday and we now no longer have puddles outside but small lakes. It is also quite windy, but we will survive.


Yesterday I manage to capture a few photos of Mickey, my neighbour in the garden cupboard. I enticed him out by spreading some bird seed, but now the feast is finished.

Sorry Mickey, but you are now on your own. I decided that I did not want a whole tribe of mice in my garden cupboard, one or two does not bother me and I know you should really not feed the mice. I think this is a so-called field mouse, although they have been known to make themselves comfortable in the home. However, this one is staying outside in the cupboard.


And that is all I have to say or write this morning.  I will be back in the old routine this afternoon with the week-end shopping. Mr. Swiss has made a long list of various medical supplies so I will be making a slight detour to the chemist to get them. First of all I have to call to make sure the chemist has what I need. If not he orders them when I arrive late afternoon he will have everything.

So now to give myself a push to move. I hugged the bed a little longer this morning. Have fun, I will be back.


I wish this was today’s sky, but Christmas Day in the afternoon. At least it helps to brighten the day.