RDP Thursday: Spiritual


And it’s over, the whole Christmas thing. The last  meal was cooked and there was nothing left. It is not the last tangerine, I have a few left, but just a symbol of was is left when the tangering is peeled and the inside eaten.

No. 2 son visited with his family, two grandchildren were here. one sleeping most of the time, being just a month old and the other discovering the opportunities that our appartment has to offer, although they left mid afternoon and Grandad and Grandma took a sleep afterwards.

So now another normal year is approaching and the Christmas fun is again 12 months away, thank goodness. I really think I am getting too old for it. If I buy something monthly for Christmas next year, I can just ignore it next year because I will have everything, although unfortunately it does not work that way.

So lt’s go back to normal. Mr. Swiss asked what we are eating this evening, my answer being the remains in the fridge. This evening I will make my shopping list for the week-end and the whole routine begins again. Nothing really spiritual about this, just reality.

Evening Sky

RDP Thursday: Spiritual

12 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Spiritual

  1. Your picture of the orange peel reminds me of our Christmas eve … I tried to make orange marmalade to give as gifts … from memory … it tastes good but it did not thicken, or it hasn’t thickened yet … I spent the morning looking at the recipes on line to see what I did wrong. I guess I should have used the candy thermometer to make sure it got hot enough. So now I have canning jars full of something that looks orange but has the consistency of maple syrup. Not sure what to do next, make pancakes? Dunno. SLP ….

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  2. Yeah, I’d like to ignore Christmas next year too I think. I don’t really care f or all the fuss. Glad to be back to normal indeed, nothing spiritual, just reality.

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  3. I always am grateful that we stopped “doing” New Year’s a long time ago. Garry didn’t like New Year’s anyway. He said there were way too many drunks on the road. So we stay home, kiss and midnight and wait until the really important holidays begin: the spring birthdays. I’m March. Garry’s in April. Owen’s in May. Kaitlin is in September, so we can time to save up for her. At least I can manage birthday presents because they come one at a time. i don’t have to find money for everyone.

    Let’s hope this is a better year than last year. I’m afraid to hope!

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