FOWC with Fandango: Tape

World of Information 25.05.2016 Exhibition 10010ENTER0101 (30)

One of my first meetings with technology was the tape recorder: nothing digital or modern. Just a tape that recorded music from the radio. I remember a programme called “Top of the Pops” on the radio, the late fifties early sixties. It was Sunday afternoon and I would plug in the tape recorder to the radio and begin to record. I cannot remember the exact switches but somehow I managed to get the complete hit parade weekly.

One day the casette arrived and the tape recorder disappeared from life, almost. I once found an old tape with Beatles songs that I had recorded from a weekly radio show. Imagine my surprise when years later the tapes in the BBC were discovered and a new LP was issued with them. New songs from the Beatles from old recordings and I had them. I even still had the old tape, but unfortunately tapes had a limited life and there was nothing more on my tape. I could have made some money out of that perhaps.

Today we are all digital, and the days of tapes are gone.

FOWC with Fandango: Tape

RDP Thursday: Spiritual


And it’s over, the whole Christmas thing. The last  meal was cooked and there was nothing left. It is not the last tangerine, I have a few left, but just a symbol of was is left when the tangering is peeled and the inside eaten.

No. 2 son visited with his family, two grandchildren were here. one sleeping most of the time, being just a month old and the other discovering the opportunities that our appartment has to offer, although they left mid afternoon and Grandad and Grandma took a sleep afterwards.

So now another normal year is approaching and the Christmas fun is again 12 months away, thank goodness. I really think I am getting too old for it. If I buy something monthly for Christmas next year, I can just ignore it next year because I will have everything, although unfortunately it does not work that way.

So lt’s go back to normal. Mr. Swiss asked what we are eating this evening, my answer being the remains in the fridge. This evening I will make my shopping list for the week-end and the whole routine begins again. Nothing really spiritual about this, just reality.

Evening Sky

RDP Thursday: Spiritual

Good Morning


At least there is no rain this morning, but the daybreak still has the remaining grey clouds. I have a busier schedule this morning as No. 2 son and family will be visiting today. I am especially looking forward to see the newest member of the family, my granddaughter, born on 11.11.2019, a nice easy date to remember. Of course it is always a pleasure to see the No. 1 grandson as well. He is now growing and beginning to talk in his language mixture of German and Swiss German. It is wonderful to see how children develop, Once they are baby faces and suddenly you notice you have a miniature human.

Mickey Mouse

And look who I captured on my mobile camera this morning. Not a very sharp photo, but I had to enlarge it to get a better view I took about 10 photos with my Nikon,  so am hoping for something better when I upload them. Yes it is Mickey, my mouse lodger in the garden cupboard. I am not really sure if there are two of them, perhaps there is also a Minnie. As I was watching I noticed one appear at the front of the cupboard entrance and almost at the same time another a little further at the back. Perhaps it was the same one, they can be quite quick. I know it is not correct to feed them, but I have to encourage my new lodger somehow for a photo and food always does the trick.  As long as Mickey and his colleague(s) stay outside I am not bothered.  We do have mice here, but they live outside in the fields in their underground caverns. In Winter they get closer when food is scarcer. As  a London girl, I so enjoy the wild life of the country.

And now we have almost got this Christmas stress behind us. Today is Boxing Day, but some stores are already open again for shopping in case the people are now suffering from withdrawal symptoms. I am not. It was an easy cooking job over the holidays. I took a closer look at my receipts from the supermarket yesterday, I get them online having an app for the store on my computer appliances and decided, better not look. Beef filet is really not cheap and neither is veal. Today it will be a cooked ham (another easy cooking job) with red cabbage mixed with chestnuts and potato. There will also be some pineapple slices for those that like them with their ham. And then it will be back to normal.

I am already doing head operations in planning the week-end shopping, but that will be Friday afternoon.


I at last finished my book yesterday, The Scent of Death by Simon Beckett. I quite like the Beckett Books about a pathologist and the various victims in criminal cases. Now I am thinking about the next book. I have so many on my list, but I just love a juicy murder mystery with strange events.

I was watching the BBC television programme yesterday in between. My most unfavourite British stand up comedian, Michael McIntyre had a programme. How I hate that guy. I just do not find it entertainment when you break into a home and take objects to confront the owners on stage, or make people look like complete idiots just for a joke. His type of humour is not mine. It all takes place before an audience of course.

Eventually the evening ended with my favourite soap, East Enders. They always have a murder on Christmas Day of one of the characters and yesterday we were not disappointed, although whether the guy is really dead I have my doubts.

Otherwise I am hoping that the TV programme gets back to normal again. I have had enough of musical cartoons with princes and princesses, cartoon fish under the sea and beauties and beasts. The story is always the same: boy meets girl or vice versa, there is a monster/villain who meets a fate at the end and everything turns out perfectly for all. I must have seen at lest five of these films over the holidays, but luckily only now and again. I did have other things to do, like reading my book.

And now to prepare for my visitors and enjoy a nice quiet day. I might or might not be back, depends on how much time I have in the evening. My day will be full of visitors. Hope you all had a good Christmas, and I could not resist yet another photo of my wonderful amaryllis that is now in full bloom.