RDP Wednesday: Christmas


Christmas Day in my little corner of my little Switzerland and yes, the sun is shining, so it must be Christmas after all. A week of rainy mornings, but the afternoon always brightens up for a couple of hours, before the sun sinks.

So what does Christmas mean to me? Well let us cut out the buying stress, the cooking of the food and as an extra this morning, putting new linen on the beds. I also got more happy Christmas wishes on Facebook than I have ever seen. I think everyone found a picture to post using their Happy Christmas greetings, all with the more or less same Facebook frame and colour. Today is Christmas Day which probably means tomorrow I will be bombarded with family groups beneath the Christmas Tree who I do not know personally and, of course, again wishing a Happy Christmas.

Now don’t get me wrong. Of course I love receiving these sincere Christmas wishes, although in Facebook they are just names I recognise from perhaps an earlier participation in a World Cafe, Yoville, or Farming game. They still happen to be in my collection of “friends” in Facebook. WordPress is something different. Over the years I have got to know many people, their online lives and their interests and I know them all.

Anyhow Christmas has now ran its race again for this year. Although, just a minute. What did I see (on Facebook again). Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, has sent me  “Happy Christmas” message on my Facebook page. I read it out to Mr. Swiss, but he was not impressed. I think he might even have been a bit jealous getting such a personal message from the blond bombshell of the British Government. To be quite honest I am one of his followers in Facebook. You never know whether it will be useful or not. I even watched his Christmas message online after my midday sleep. He even told me not to have arguments with my in-laws. I no longer have any in-laws Boris, they are long gone.

So have a happy one as long as it lasts, and it will be back with certainty next year again – time to begin to compose your next year’s Christmas present list, and even think about what to cook over the season’s holidays. Some of the decorations are still hanging around.


RDP Wednesday: Christmas

11 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Christmas

  1. I have the same collection of folks from games like Farmville on Facebook as well. They can pile up quickly. I read through my friends list the other night and only recognized half of them. Haha. So I deleted many. I hope your Crhistmas was great and looking forward to a happy new year. Great post!

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