FOWC with Fandango: Frost


The climate is a changing
We don’t have any frost
There are pineapples growing in the garden
Polar bears are feeling lost
The sun is beating down
Rivers are rising fast
Snow on the Swiss mountains
No longer wants to last
I show my grandchildren photos
Showing them pictures of alps
They thought they were mega popsicles
wearing icy scalps
I used to wear warm socks
to keep my feet in motion
At the store they have an offer
for buying sun tan lotion
So hey ho away we go
I have a holiday goal
It used to be the Bahamas
And now it is the North Pole


FOWC with Fandango: Frost

RDP Wednesday: Christmas


Christmas Day in my little corner of my little Switzerland and yes, the sun is shining, so it must be Christmas after all. A week of rainy mornings, but the afternoon always brightens up for a couple of hours, before the sun sinks.

So what does Christmas mean to me? Well let us cut out the buying stress, the cooking of the food and as an extra this morning, putting new linen on the beds. I also got more happy Christmas wishes on Facebook than I have ever seen. I think everyone found a picture to post using their Happy Christmas greetings, all with the more or less same Facebook frame and colour. Today is Christmas Day which probably means tomorrow I will be bombarded with family groups beneath the Christmas Tree who I do not know personally and, of course, again wishing a Happy Christmas.

Now don’t get me wrong. Of course I love receiving these sincere Christmas wishes, although in Facebook they are just names I recognise from perhaps an earlier participation in a World Cafe, Yoville, or Farming game. They still happen to be in my collection of “friends” in Facebook. WordPress is something different. Over the years I have got to know many people, their online lives and their interests and I know them all.

Anyhow Christmas has now ran its race again for this year. Although, just a minute. What did I see (on Facebook again). Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, has sent me  “Happy Christmas” message on my Facebook page. I read it out to Mr. Swiss, but he was not impressed. I think he might even have been a bit jealous getting such a personal message from the blond bombshell of the British Government. To be quite honest I am one of his followers in Facebook. You never know whether it will be useful or not. I even watched his Christmas message online after my midday sleep. He even told me not to have arguments with my in-laws. I no longer have any in-laws Boris, they are long gone.

So have a happy one as long as it lasts, and it will be back with certainty next year again – time to begin to compose your next year’s Christmas present list, and even think about what to cook over the season’s holidays. Some of the decorations are still hanging around.


RDP Wednesday: Christmas

December Photo a Day Challenge: 25. Home, Family


Take a walk in the garden and look from the outside in. you see a home, where people live. A television is showing a picture and there is light. There is a table, somewhere in the background a computer and a walker waiting for its owner. Where is everyone? Sitting in the living room or in the kitchen, but they are at home.

December Photo a Day Challenge: 25. Home, Family

Good Morning


How can you get the feeling for a Christmas Day when it is still raining outside. Everything is wet, wet, wet. I am even looking forward now to a little bit of snow to bring some colour into the picture. My plants in front of the window in the living room are looking out of the window watching it all happen. This is the second day of seclusion from the world, the second day of Christmas, and I celebrated this morning by beginning to put new linen on the beds.

I know that is not a Christmas thing. Yesterday we had a good meal, prepared by me, but it was easy peasy. Some Vichy carrots, the finely sliced ones, and french fries with filet from beef. Also an offering of  brussel sprouts. The filet was like butter in your mouth, so good and the other ingredients went well, with no stress. No. 1 son did his usual annual meeting in town in the favourite restaurant with all the colleagues, it is a bit of a tradition. Mr. Swiss still does not understand the modern made traditions and wondered why No. 1 son is away until 7.00 in the evening. Actually he arrived already at quarter to seven and everything was well. I had to explain to Mr. Swiss that the younger generations today (although No. 1 son is 50 years old) have other ideas of a Christmas Eve. Perhaps age difference, Mr. Swiss now being 80.


Today is Christmas Day, just a another eating feast for us, and when I have finished putting new linen on the beds and tidied up, we will be eating yet another good meal. This time I have slices of veal with  morille cream sauce and fine noodles. Desert this year will be ice cream, another no stress item.

Of course I wish everyone a Happy Christmas/happy holidays/happy hannuka/happy Eid and all the rest. Our days all seem to be around the same time of the year. Just wish me a happy whatever and a stress free one. I am then happy.

And that is all I have to say today. I am just glad to have survived a new end of year together with the family. And it can only get better. A least yesterday afternoon the sun arrived for an hour.