FOWC with Fandango: Go


One and a half shopping days to the Christmas holidays, so my brain told me to go; not just once, but repeated like go, go, go. And where should I go? To the supermarket of course.  Only this morning my friend in London wrote a Christmas message, we have been friends since our school days, so at least 62 years. She discovered that she had to get to the store today half hour before they opened to get a place to park her car. She just had a few things to buy, not a complete famine relief.

This was London, many hundreds of kilometers away from me, but was it different here? I was dreading this last shopping before Christmas, but was determined to carry on as always, some shopping time and nothing extra. I saddled the car and made my way carefully observing the situation on the roads. It was not overcrowded and I had a comfortable drive until I reached the parking lot of the supermarket. The illuminated board for free parking spaces showed two large O’s meaning Zero, null, de nada. People had parked in spaces that I did not even know existed, it was unbelievable. I carried on regardless, my hands shaking on the steering wheel and I turned into the path leading to the special reserved parking spaces for the handicapped. Would they be occupied by happy healthy people or was it the spirit of Christmas with consideration for those of us that are not so mobile as the others when walking? And bingo! As I turned the corner there was one empty place just waiting for me. As I parked the car a second space became free. It was unbelievable, I found a place in the stable. There were no three kings waiting to anoint my car with incense, frankensence, myrr or even a welcome sign, but I did it, I had conquered my parking space for a carefree shopping invasion of the store. 

The rest was easy going, well almost. Even the shoppers were well behaved and it seemed that all the harassed housewives were ready with a smile and polite words. I did it, I cleared the list of things to buy and arrived at the cash till in once piece. Ok, it was a little more expensive that usual, but I had captured my meat, even some ice cream and all the extras. Christmas can now come. I have now sealed the door at home, I will be going nowhere, at least not to the shops, until Friday. Wild Reindeers could not drag me out, even to visit Santa. My “Go” days are over, at least until Friday, but new year is no big deal for golden oldies. We fall asleep before midnight. Who wants a party to see the New Year in. We are glad to survive and discover the plus one digit on the calendar the next morning.

FOWC with Fandango: Go

RDP Monday: Band

Music Leue 036

Being married to a “jazzer” that plays drums I have seen many bands come and go with Mr. Swiss at the drums. This photo was taken almost 10 years ago when everyone was young and lovely. The are still lovely, but no longer so young of course. Mr. Swiss on the Drums and it was in a local restaurant where there were playing a gig for the evening.

RDP Monday: Band

Good Morning


I am cheating a bit, as this photo is yesterday late afternoon when the sun is thinking about descending. The morning views are really not interesting at the moment. It is still raining, a steady trickle making everything wet. Thank goodness it does make an effort to brighten up in the afternoon. I am glad I went to town Saturday afternoon for the Christmas market and took the chance. Yesterday it was such unfriendly weather that I decided not to go anywhere.


Yesterday the big birds gathered for a feeding session. I have never seen so many crows and magpies together. You just have to get the right moment. Talking of the right moment, as I am sitting here at the computer I have a view of the garden cupboard and what did I see. It was so fast I could not take a photo in time. A little mouse sitting in the in front of the cupboard door. I though I saw something quickly move there yesterday. He probably lives in the cupboard through the Winter. Our cupboard backs onto the neighbour’s garden cupboard and I know they have the possibility to squirm from one cupboard to the other.  There is nothing edible in the cupboard, but outside there is bird seed laying around. I suspect that they have a feast during the night when no-one is there to disturb them. As long as it stays in the cupboard it does not bother me.


Three flowers of my amaryllis second bud have now opened, the fourth is still waiting. It has been thinking about it all week and what a lovely show. I got my amaryllis beginning November and was hoping to have flowers at Christmas. The first stalk finished flowering last week but now the second stalk will be ready for the Christmas week-end.

And it is almost the Christmas week-end and will begin tomorrow.  I will be glad when I have the shopping behind me today and can hibernate for three days at home, no longer having to plan and think about organising food supplies. We are only three people, but it sometimes seems like an army. No. 2 son and his family will be here on Boxing Day and on Friday it all starts again with shopping and the New Year preparations. Although I have nothing very much to prepare for at the New Year. It used to be a general holiday on 2nd January for St. Bartholomew’s Day but it no longer seems to be. Although the working force still have a day’s holiday, the shops are open now as normal, and the stress is over.

This is the time of the year when I can really be a Christmas grinch and the whole thing is one big annoyance. I see it in the store from the actions of the shoppers buying gifts, having them all gift wrapped and filling up the trolleys are if we were preparing for war time. It is a war, a war to buy, buy, buy. I have decided to do nothing exceptional on my shopping trip today, and will go at the normal time in the afternoon. I have also decided that housework will be at a minimum. No shining up of windows or doors. This morning I even went back to bed after rising. I decided I was not yet ready for it all.


Yesterday evening I lit the fourth candle of our Advent wreath at home so now that part of the celebration has been dealt with. TV is full of sentimental Christmas family stories at the moment.  The BBC are showing a version of The Christmas Carol every evening this week. I watched the first part yesterday evening, although had to hang up washing in between. It is a more realistic version, although still in Victorian times and following the story. I quite enjoyed it and am looking forward to it this evening when the ghost of the Christmas Past arrives.

And so onward in the fight for survival. Perhaps a baby was born in a stable in a country far away, perhaps there was a big star shining, and who knows. It is a good story, and is not harmful. What we have made out of it over the years is too much of a good thing. I am sure the intention was not that we spend more money than usual and stuff ourselves full with food for a week. Public relations did not exist 2,000 years ago thank goodness.

Have a good day, do not overdo it with the Christmas stress.