FOWC with Fandango: Unhinged


Switzerland has five nuclear power plants: Beznau I & II, Mühleberg, Gösgen (the one in the photo) and Leibstadt. At least we did until today. Now we only have 4 nuclear power plants. Yesterday we switched off Mühleberg, it now longer exists. Does this mean that we Swiss will now be cooking over our fondue spirit burner, by burning candles to compensate for the elecric power that has been reduced.? Of course not. Our clever politicians would not have done this otherwise. Although just a minute, It was decided by vote by the people and government to reduce our nuclear power. I think the idea is that eventually we will no longer have any nuclear power. It is really no problem, I even have two fondue spirit burners. Must have a look in the January sales if I can buy some more. I hope they will still be available. Everyone will probably be hoarding them.

FOWC with Fandango: Unhinged

4 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Unhinged

    • We are all assured that our nuclear plants are completely safe (until they might turn one off for unknown reasons). With time the aim is to close all the remaining four in Switzerland, if the climate change does not get us first.


    • I was sitting in the train on the way to Zürich which passes through Gösgen on the way and as usual I had my camera with me with the 300 zoom lens. The power plant is not far from the railway lines. They did have an open day a couple of years ago where the public could have a look. There was just one stipulation, no geiger counters were allowed. I wonder why? 🙂


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