FOWC with Fandango: Unhinged


Switzerland has five nuclear power plants: Beznau I & II, Mühleberg, Gösgen (the one in the photo) and Leibstadt. At least we did until today. Now we only have 4 nuclear power plants. Yesterday we switched off Mühleberg, it now longer exists. Does this mean that we Swiss will now be cooking over our fondue spirit burner, by burning candles to compensate for the elecric power that has been reduced.? Of course not. Our clever politicians would not have done this otherwise. Although just a minute, It was decided by vote by the people and government to reduce our nuclear power. I think the idea is that eventually we will no longer have any nuclear power. It is really no problem, I even have two fondue spirit burners. Must have a look in the January sales if I can buy some more. I hope they will still be available. Everyone will probably be hoarding them.

FOWC with Fandango: Unhinged

December Photo a Day Challenge: 20. Night Sky


All I can say is “what a coincidence”. I was outside in the garden this evening and taking a few photos. Actually I was after the twinkling star in the middle of the photo, very small, beneath the cloud and somehow my mobile camera had it own mind and I was left with this photo of the surroundings of the night sky, so what could be better.

December Photo a Day Challenge: 20. Night Sky

Good Morning


Really nothing special this morning. A little bit of mist and otherwise plain grey skies. All I have to offer is the view from my garden and a little bit of Christmas decoration from the neighbour.  I do not decorate outside, but leave it to my neighbours. At the moment I can hear the noise of an electric saw outside so someone is trimming the hedges, although I find there is not much left to trim in midst Winter.

Yesterday the day began the same but mid afternoon the sun had arrived.


First of all we got this.


And eventually the clouds broke up into something nice and fluffy.


My blackbird arrived again to have a bite to peck. This time it settled for a while and I had the opportunity to take a few photos. Before I had the lawn removed from my garden I often saw them pecking out the worms from the ground. That is one of the disadvantages of my new organised garden, it no longer attracts so many birds during the summer.

Today is yet again week-end shopping in the afternoon. Whilst I was composing the list I realised that Monday afternoon will be the final Christmas food shopping day, so I will have to get things sorted for the holiday. I am so glad that it will only be basically two days, as the store will be open on Boxing Day for any emergency buys. There will only be Me and Mr. Swiss with No. 1 son to cater for, so no big problems. The menus are planned so what could possibly go wrong.

We noticed that the new Star Wars film arrived in the cinemas a few days ago and have decided to organise a copy to watch over the Christmas days. I remember the first films arriving many years ago and quite enjoyed them I am really looking forward to seeing Baby Yoda, who looks so sweet.


I was eating my daily tangerine yesterday and bit on something hard. I realised it was a seed and when I was finished with the fruit I had collected quite a few. As I had nothing better to do I collected them and they are now soaking in water. Perhaps I will one day have a few trees, although they would not survive in the garden, so I will have to put them in pots. I was surprised as I thought the tangerines had now become seedless, but probably not all.

And that is really all I have to say for this morning. I have my routine as usual with this and that. Have a good one, see you later.