FOWC with Fandango: Dial

Telephone wires in Grenfell Avenue

Telephone wires are always present. Today they are mostly buried in the ground, at least in Switzerland where I live. This photo is from a corner of London, Dagenham to be exact.

But who remembers the telephones that had a dial. Today it is all done by touch on a glass surface, if you actually have a real telephone. Some still do but we now only have our mobile phones at home. I grew up with a telephone that had a dial. It was black and if you wanted to phone someone you had to dial the number. Using the finger you turned the dial according to the numbers. In London we even had a dialing code with letters and numbers according to the local exchange. I still remember our telphone numer being DOM 0854, DOM being the abbreviation for Dominion. With time the letters disappeared being replaced by numbers only.

Our original telephone was eventually replaced with a more modern look, no more sharp corners,  and you could even choose your colour. Ours was a caramel colour, but we still had the dial.

And then came the digital days. Just buttons with numbers.

I wonder how the youngsters of today would react when they would be confronted with the old system of dialling a number. And what would Alfred Hitchcock have done without a dial. His film “Dial M for murder” would have been “Swipe M for Murder” perhaps.

FOWC with Fandango: Dial

RDP Thursday: Chimney

Gösgen 06.08 (2)

There are chimneys, like the one at our local nuclear power plant. They are big and when you fly over in a plane you still see the smoke piercing though the clouds. Smoke? No of course not just harmless water vapour of course. Just leave the Geiger counter at home, it might begin to tick. That is a professional chimney.

Chimneys 24.11.2018

And then there are the medium sized chimneys, the ones that smoke all day and all night as well as all year: the permanent chimneys. Apparently also harmless, just burning the waste at the garbage plant.

Smoking Chimney in Langendorf

And there are the local chimneys. Nothing so bad, just smoking away if someone lights a fire.


And there are even people that tend to turn into a human chimney now and again.

RDP Thursday: Chimney

Good Morning


Not a special morning this morning. The clouds are not really clouds but just a dense background telling the sun to stay away. Today I made a discovery. I always place two walnuts outside on the ground, actually for the crows, but they disappear so quickly I do not know who gets the walnuts. This morning I discovered that it is the magpies that are the first to arrive and saw how one of them flew off with the walnut in its beak.


Magpies are very sly. They usually sit in the trees watching and waiting for what appears on the food scene.

Yesterday afternoon was a shopping trip to the supermarket. It was longer than usual, but an unexpected event disturbed my normal routine. I wrote about it yesterday afternoon: The Event. It was most annoying and added at least an hour onto my allotted shopping time. I kept Mr. Swiss informed by my mobile phone as he tends to worry when I am away for a longer time.

I was later with my online stuff yesterday evening, but managed to catch up in time to watch the final programme of “The Apprentice. Since Mr. Swiss now has a golden oldie evening programme, going to bed earlier, I have become a follower of the TV programmes. I always watched the programmes, but he preferred to choose the German speaking channel with their series and plays, or perhaps some Swiss political stuff on the Swiss channel. It did not really bother me. Sometimes I would watch the various police series, but the political discussions were less my sort of thing and I would make myself comfortable with a book. Now that the routine has changed, I have become a disciple of the BBC British television channels. It must be a sign of old age.

Yesterday was the final of “The Apprentice” where some young people compete for being sponsored by a businessman to develop their own business.  I think the American version had a guy called Trump that did it. It all happens mainly in London, my home town, with a few excursions to other countries now and again. Yesterday it ran for almost three hours and I really enjoyed it. The business man in charge is Lord Sugar and he is an East Ender, like myself, that “made it good” in the business world, which makes the programme for me even more interesting. I even made an exception yesterday evening and stayed up until 11.30 to watch it all.

Otherwise I did have a little amusement yesterday afternoon. Mr. Swiss commissioned me to buy a coconut at the store. I suppose golden oldies do develop some strange tastes, although I must say I am also partial to a coconut. There was a problem that I did not find any in my supermarket so asked one of the assistants who showed me their shelf showing three coconuts. They had an origin noted as Ivory Coast, which did not really impress me. We also have palm trees in Switzerland lining the shores of the lake of Lugano in the South where the wether is milder, but they do not have coconuts.

Mr. Swiss was quite pleased when I brought my trophy home, although I found it to be more a miniature version.

He then went to YouTube on the computer and found a film about how to disect your coconut without any problems. He suddenly disappeared into the kitchen with a hammer and the pounding noise began.


I could not resist an action photo. The hammering continued for at leat 15 minutes Not the two screwdrivers on the side of the basin. They were used to poke the holes in the coconut to allow the milk to pour. Unfortunately this also did not work so well as the coconut is quite thick. Eventually the milk was released into a jug, although a small glass would also have been big enough. I love coconut milk, but it seems the Ivory Coast coconuts have a strange perfumed taste, the milk and also the flesh. He did managed to open the coconut, but more with force, and even had the flesh in one piece. We discovered the flesh also had a strange taste, not what we (Mr. Swiss) were expecting and I believe the coconut experiment has now been abandoned and we are back to walnuts.

Yesterday was a late morning as our online payment system on the computer was not doing what Mr. Swiss wanted. For this reason I will now make up for the lost time yesterday as I have a few doors to clean. I just like to do my weekly routine. Have a good day everyone and stay away from coconuts. They can be a dangerous thing, although Mr. Swiss was not injured in the preparation, just a little of his pride I think.