Good Morning


Not such a super sunrise this morning, but at least there are cloud contours. I cannot really complain about the weather at the moment as it really seems to be behaving itself. No snow storms or ice and mobility is enabled, although I had another day at home yesterday. I was thinking about taking a wheelie somewhere, but decided to hug my bed after lunch a little longer. One of the privileges or being a golden oldie. I have been enough going here and there lately and am glad when I can stay where I am.


We were also waiting for the silicon seal to dry at the base of our new glass shower doors. The old doors were some sort of plastic, the original ones, and we decided after having the shower modernised this year with a seat and handles to hold onto, that new doors would also be a good idea. We are pleased with the result and of course they seal much better.


On my last wheelie I noticed that the horses were still out on the nearby meadow and these two were grazing away.

Today I am off shopping again this afternoon. I am gradually getting my Christmas food shopping done and the non perishable stuff I can already buy. I have programmed next Monday for the main buys, although it is not looking so stressful. I just hope that there will be no great problem with parking space at the supermarket. Last year was a catastrophe and they were even turning cars away, although when they saw by handicap permit in the car they let me through and I remember I did have some luck in finding the last available space.


I am still waiting for my second amaryllis bud to open, so it looks like it will be tomorrow.

Otherwise nothing really happening in the Swiss jungle at the moment. I get most of my excitement from the TV programmes at the moment. Boris Johnson, the British prime minister, had his new entrance in parliament yesterday with this merry men. I had to laugh when the commentator said he again appeared with his famous hair style, every hair not in place. Whether you like the guy or not, I must say he is always good for a laugh. I wish we could laugh at more politicians and not just wring your hands in despair.

And now I really must go, even a golden oldie has her schedule. Have a good day everyone, see you later.

Christmas table

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Ours came with glass doors because we didn’t have any doors, just a rod and a curtain. I find it a little bit harder to keep clean than I expected. This may be because I’m so short I can reach up, and I definitely can’t get under the seat to clean down there. But it sure is an MAJOR improvement over the previous bathroom!

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    • We only get glass doors today. The original plastic were from 20 years ago. I have no problem cleaning the shower, but I am lucky to have my cleaning lady that does it for me.


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