FOWC with Fandango: Detective

Apple computer

“OK, where has my apple gone.”

“No idea boss, but it looked like a nice juicy apple.”

“That is not the point. It was intended as the key of our new advertising campaign. Our trade mark is an apple with a piece missing, a perfect bite. We wanted to show the public that we are completing the picture with our new computer. The new model was perfect. Bring me a new apple with a missing bite.”

“Not possible boss, The apples have all disappeared.”

“We have an apple thief.”


“Don’t bother me now son, I have an important project to finish.”

“But I need another apple for mum.”

“You need what?”

“Mum said it was a waste to bite pieces out of apples so she decided to make an apple pie with all the apples with the missing pieces and now we still need one more apple, but she wants a complete apple with no pieces missing like the one you had on the computer.”

FOWC With Famdamgo: Detetive

Good Morning


This was an early photo of the sun rising. In the meanwhile the birds have had their food refilled and the crows and magpies have already been helping themselves.


Sometimes it gets quite crowded out there for the food supplies, but they rarely argue. If the crow insists, then the others go until he is happy. No point in annoying a crow, he is bigger than the others and makes more noise.

This morning my cleaning lady is here for the last time this year. She is off on her Christmas holiday next week visiting her various relations that seem to be spread all over the world. She has more sisters than I can count on one hand. I have also finalised the paperwork for her services. She also is entitled to a pension when she is retired and there is various paperwork that has to be dealt with for the authorities. I must say we are really lucky to have found her. She works well, and is also a very good person.

And now I will move on to other pastures. Dinner is cooking and everything is now nice and clean and shiny. We now have our new Shower doors since yesterday. Today we all had to dispense with a  shower in the morning as the silicon seals need 24 hours until they are completely dry. However, no problem we have a bathroom as well, although I cannot use the bath as my legs no longer lift themselves into the tub, but my ancestors all survived without a modern shower and so can I for a day.

I also had a visit from the wheelchair mechanic this morning. Some screws were a bit loose, especially by the arm where the instruments are, but that was a quick five minute job. I also had some questions about a mechanical wheel chair as I see for the future that I will need a wheelchair to fit into the car: one where I can remove the wheels and fold it smaller, although that has time. I will have a few words with my neurologist about it and look to see that the national insurance authorities pay something towards it.

And now I must really go, I have ambitions to go somewhere this afternoon, a tour de Solothurn perhaps, the local town.

In the meanwhile I leave you with a Christmas decoration to brighten up your day. I have now almost dealt with all my outstanding chores, and now I just have to get the Christmas food shopping behind me, then I can hibernate until next year.