Good Morning


It was worth the wait for the sun to rise this morning. We are really having some good sunrises lately. It is one of the reasons why I am not so early, I was upoading some photos. When I was finished the sun rose and so another photo. Our sunrises are really something worth keeping. We are having some strange weather at the moment, climate change etc. etc. I suppose. We had snow two days ago, then it rained, and yesterday it disappeared as if it was never there. We now have temperatures of 20° C predicted for today, which is early Spring weather, although at the moment there is a nip in the air as my mum would say.


Although I must say that a snowy background does enhance the bird photos.

Yesterday I really had a lazy day, but sometimes I just need it. I had a lunchtime sleep which almost became an afternoon sleep. I did not go anywhere, it was so comfortable to stay at home and not stress around. After the evening meal I did a little computer work, even found a blog subject that appealed to me and then Mr. Swiss said good night and disappeared to bed. I was again left with the TV, but on Saturday evening we have the British programme “Stricktly Come Dancing” and yesterday after three months of competition, there were three couples left. One got the cup for the best. Actually dancing is not really my thing, but I have become a fan. I must really be progressing to the golden oldie state of life. In between Mr. Swiss appeared again and decided that the dance prorammes are also quite good to watch, but he went back to bed. I was left with a comedy show that I really did not find so funny, One of those British comedians that everyone finds funny, but his main aim is to put people into embarrassing situations which I do not find very funny. Somehow I seem to be losing my understanding of British humour. I prefer the political programmes, which are much more amusing and a genuine laugh.


And as my photo archive is not growing very fast lately, here is yesterday’s sunrise.

And now to move on. I am really later this morning, feeding birds and organising for the day ahead. Glad to say that dinner is a quick steak, veg and fried potato which does not take long. I am again not planning to go anywhere. I have a few Christmas mails to compose to various friends and remaining relations.

Tomorrow we are having the finishing touches put to our shower. I had it modernised some time ago, but I was unhappy with our plastic sliding doors which are also suffering a little from old age. I am now having them replaced with glass doors and a more modern fitting. Again it means some organisation on my side as they are coming in the afternoon and I have my shopping to do and a trip to the chemists to pick up some Mr. Swiss tablets. However, he is at home and will manage to deal with anything. I just cannot postpone tomorrow’s food safari. Another logistical problem to solve.

Have a good Sunday everyone and may it be a restful one.


6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I also watched the Strictly final last night, very entertaining – mainly because Mr O becomes an armchair critic. I agree with you about British comedy shows which are very banal and demeaning, I much prefer some (but not all) quiz shows and generally manage to get the answers. Christmas viewing is going to be a challenge – we’ve recorded several programmes to watch when we can’t find anything else.

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    • Somehow I wish that Emma from The Eastenders had won Strictly, but she was probably not good enough. Even Mr. Swiss joined me for the final. We have the habit of watching “Pointless” before the evening meal and Mr. Swiss just loves the Repair Shop. Yes we have become BBC followers in our golden oldie age. I am not sure what we will be watching at Christmas, but somewhere we will fit in East Enders. They are always good for a murder or tragedy somewhere.

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  2. We are having some strange weather too — no doubt climate change. Even the meteorologists are beginning to say so. I haven’t seen a sunrise in a long time. It is always cloudy and gray in the morning. Now Garry too goes to bed earlier than me, though he wants to watch old movies in bed. I stay up a little later to make sure my posts go up properly.

    I have never liked British TV humor, though in the movies it’s different. Less humiliating and wittier. But American humor can be like that too and I hate it. I hate it when “funny” means someone is made to look stupid. I think it’s cruel. I’m beginning to think that our world is becoming a cruel and hard place.

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    • We are getting some wonderful sunrises and sunsets lately, with interesting colours. It is only when it rains that it is constantly grey,, a photographers delight.. Marcel sleeps more than he used to, but I am getting accustomed to the situation. I usually have washing to hang in the evening and I now have the choice of the TV Programmes.
      I liked the good old British black humour or Programmes like the Goon shoe and Monty python type of humour, but now Ithey have comedians that just like to make people look stupid.


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