FOWC with Fandango: Daily


I lead a daily life
Some might say it is boring
I am glad to rise every day
Find the sunrise so adoring
Eat my breakfast, write a blog
Always the same old chores
Cook the lunch, then a sleep
And after a trip to the stores
An afternoon with the computer
writing this and that
Perhaps I take a few photos
But I always have time for a chat
Watching TV in the evening
And then I go to bed
To awake refreshed in the morning
for a sunrise to clear my head
Now and again I have some fun
My door now has no lock
I saddle up my car, making a visit to the doc
As time passes, I slow down
I think I am getting mouldy
But my daily targets keep me going
I am a golden oldie


FOWC with Fandango: Daily

RDP Sunday: Memory Lane


A memory of Christmas Past: all my uncles and aunts united on one photo with me third from the left. I was in my early twenties on the photo and already living in Switzerland, but would always return home for the family Christmas. The complete family, maternal side, would meet at my Aunts house on Christmas day.

Oh, what memories they are. I can still remember it as if it was yesterday. It was not an easy task getting together. Only one uncle had a car, and only in later years, otherwise we we obliged to take public transport which stopped at 4.00 pm in the afternoon. After Christmas dinner, the turkey, mum and dad and me got ready for the journey to Dagenham, East of London,  where my aunt lived with her family. We managed to get the last underground train of the day to Dagenham and afterwards was the half hour walk from the station to my aunt’s house.

It was worth it. My two uncles and aunts had also arrived and we were all assembled again, as every year as long as I could remember.  I grew up with these annual Christmas celebrations.  When we arrived we kids made ourselves comfortable in front of the TV. I remember my aunt being the first in the family to have ITV, the first British commercial TV with the advertisements, something completely different.

The aunts all went to the kitchen to prepare the evening tea. There was nothing like smoked salmon etc. in the good old days. We were happy with some ham and I remember desert was tinned fruit topped with jelly and custard all in a sort of small wax form. The same every year, but who cared, it was our family Christmas. And after the food we all moved to the living room in front of the tree. One of the aunts or uncles was chosen to “pick the tree” meaning the gifts were handed out to us kids. And then party time began.

We cousins all moved on to another room where we had own own gramophone and played the same records every year and the aunts and uncles stayed in the living room and had their music as well.


And these are my five cousins. One was much older as he was born before the second world war, otherwise I was the second oldest and the others followed the following years.

Eventually we all joined the aunts and uncles at their party and the dancing and singing began, all the old records. Piano music was a great favourite and you joined in with the words. Let us not forget grandad.

Grandad  Kit and  Steve and me
He would sit in the corner in his armchair and the patron of the family. If we were Italian he would have been il capo I suppose, but we were just a family with London cockney origins and he was happy with his cigarettes and his glass of beer.

The men looked after him and now and again he make his excursion to a certain little house, after so much beer drinking. We would all make a path through the room and he would be escorted to his destination.  After a while he returned and there was a repeat performance until he settled again in his chair. He must have been around 80 years old at the time.

Good old grandad, I remember him well. He lived in the same house as my family and was always there. Sometimes I wished I knew more about his family, his brothers and sisters and parents, although I did my research eventually and was surprised at what I discovered.

Our christmas party continued until the early hours of the morning. Sleeping arrangements were organised: two kids to a bed with two aunts. I don’t know how we managed it, but we kids did not need a lot of room. The men all slept on the floor in the living room, in the 50’s you were not so spoilt as today.

I was watching a BBC TV programme this week about how Christmas customs have changed over the years and I remember many of the changes. Was it better in the earlier days? Difficult to say, we did not expect so much. There were no iPhones or computers. I remember my cousin wishing for a Mr. Potato man. You had a your own potato and the box was full of plastic ears, noses and eyes as well as a mouth to stick into the potato and eventually you had created a potato man. He so wanted one for Christmas that he eventually got three of them from each aunt and uncle. If you are reading this Mick, you might remember.

And now to return to the present. No more old family Christmas in England for me, but I am content to have my memories.

RDP Sunday: Memory Lane

Good Morning


It was worth the wait for the sun to rise this morning. We are really having some good sunrises lately. It is one of the reasons why I am not so early, I was upoading some photos. When I was finished the sun rose and so another photo. Our sunrises are really something worth keeping. We are having some strange weather at the moment, climate change etc. etc. I suppose. We had snow two days ago, then it rained, and yesterday it disappeared as if it was never there. We now have temperatures of 20° C predicted for today, which is early Spring weather, although at the moment there is a nip in the air as my mum would say.


Although I must say that a snowy background does enhance the bird photos.

Yesterday I really had a lazy day, but sometimes I just need it. I had a lunchtime sleep which almost became an afternoon sleep. I did not go anywhere, it was so comfortable to stay at home and not stress around. After the evening meal I did a little computer work, even found a blog subject that appealed to me and then Mr. Swiss said good night and disappeared to bed. I was again left with the TV, but on Saturday evening we have the British programme “Stricktly Come Dancing” and yesterday after three months of competition, there were three couples left. One got the cup for the best. Actually dancing is not really my thing, but I have become a fan. I must really be progressing to the golden oldie state of life. In between Mr. Swiss appeared again and decided that the dance prorammes are also quite good to watch, but he went back to bed. I was left with a comedy show that I really did not find so funny, One of those British comedians that everyone finds funny, but his main aim is to put people into embarrassing situations which I do not find very funny. Somehow I seem to be losing my understanding of British humour. I prefer the political programmes, which are much more amusing and a genuine laugh.


And as my photo archive is not growing very fast lately, here is yesterday’s sunrise.

And now to move on. I am really later this morning, feeding birds and organising for the day ahead. Glad to say that dinner is a quick steak, veg and fried potato which does not take long. I am again not planning to go anywhere. I have a few Christmas mails to compose to various friends and remaining relations.

Tomorrow we are having the finishing touches put to our shower. I had it modernised some time ago, but I was unhappy with our plastic sliding doors which are also suffering a little from old age. I am now having them replaced with glass doors and a more modern fitting. Again it means some organisation on my side as they are coming in the afternoon and I have my shopping to do and a trip to the chemists to pick up some Mr. Swiss tablets. However, he is at home and will manage to deal with anything. I just cannot postpone tomorrow’s food safari. Another logistical problem to solve.

Have a good Sunday everyone and may it be a restful one.