Weekly Prompts: The Teapot


I was tempted to enter this challenge. Why? Because I am a converted tea drinker. Of course from the beginning I was surrounded by tea drinkers, being a Brit and growing up in an East London cockney family. The Rosie Lee was the drink of the day. Mum had her 10 cups a day, made with milk and sugar, and dad joined in. First of all the sugar and then the milk in the cup and pour the tea in afterwards from the pot. My Aunt brought it to 15 cups a day. We were colonial supporters in their tea production. I never really liked tea, and so I became a coffee drinker as I grew older.

In the meanwhile I had emigrated to Switzerland (no particular reason, just wanted to travel). I worked in Switzerland, and continued my coffee drinking. Even when I married Mr. Swiss after 2 years of Swiss life alone, I continued with my coffee. Mr. Swiss? He was a tea drinker. A pot of tea in the evening, no milk, some sugar and he drank it until the pot was empty, even when it became a cold drink.

And then came the day when I was having digestive problems. It seemed that my body was objecting to milk and so I changed to drinking tea, without milk of course, and also without sugar as I also had diabetes. I was drinking it pure. Every morning I have my cup of tea and this was where the teapot became redundant. Just a mug with a tea bag and hot water did it nicely for me. Of course we have a collection of tea pots. You never know if you have visitors preferring to drink their tea in style. I even have a little heating container for a candle to keep the pot hot, although I rarely use it.

Never ever order a tea in a restaurant in Switzerland. You get a glass of hot water and a tea bag at the side. They expect you to make your own tea at the table and it is not tea as I know it. I like my english breakfast tea with a punch and not a cheap mixup of tea that grows somewhere in an unknown corner of a field somewhere in Ceylon.

And this is the story of a Brit that converted into a tea drinker due to life’s circumstances., so give me my cup of char any time, but stirred, not shaken and left to brew for a few minutes. The tea pot is just an extra but not really necessary.

Weekly Prompts: The Teapot

11 thoughts on “Weekly Prompts: The Teapot

  1. I grew up drinking “Cambric Tea,” in our home a mixture of half milk and half tea (apparently sometimes called “nursery tea,” and sometimes made without the tea, but with water instead). As my taste buds developed, it was horrible, and I never developed the habit of either tea or coffee. I now drink gallons of iced tea, and an occasional cup of hot tea, but no coffee.


  2. Give me English Breakfast tea every day, love it! Not quite builder’s tea, but strong enough to be a decent brew and always with semi-skimmed milk. Someone who shall not be named suggested adding cream! Tea with cream!!! No no no! 😀

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  3. My daughter calls me a tea snob. I’m not really, but I was taught how to make really good tea by the inlaws from England. I like really good tea. Having said that, I’m a coffee drinker through and through. lol

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  4. I come from a tea-drinking British family too and tea from a pot was all we drank. When I met David he drank neither tea nor coffee but eventually became a coffee drinker so I drank coffee with him at home and if we went out and tea when I visited my family. I became very fond of plunger coffee though I don’t care for instant and until recently I only drank coffee at home alone. Since moving I am drinking more tea although these days with a mug and a teabag rather than making a pot of tea.


  5. I also have stomach issues so for the last eleven years I have only drunk Redbush tea (no milk, no sugar) or herbal tea (peppermint for preference, ginger and lemon occasionally) – but I do have a daily cappuccino addiction 😀 Mr O prefers ordinary tea so a tea bag in a mug works out best for both of us, except when he mixes up the teabags!!
    I remember my mum had inherited her mum’s family teapot – with two parents, six children and many aunts and uncles always dropping in, that teapot was huge.

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    • I just stick to my English breakfast, nice and strong. I grew up in a tea drinking family.They treated me as something from another planet because at the time I preferred coffee. Even now drinking tea without milk is looked upon as something strange.

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  6. I used to have a teapot collection, but I gave it away to whoever wanted the pots. What I actually use is a glass pot with a basket that fits in it for loose tea. I have loose green and black Indian tea and the teapot is beautiful. Something about a glass teapot 🙂

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