Good Morning


Made it eventually, although there were a couple of obstacles. There was an update today on my iPhone and iPad. they always go byte in byte and I decided to get it behind me before I began with my morning routine. I had to interrupt the process to get the photo of the sunrise. Sunrises do not wait for phone updates, but it seems that the process continued all the same. I just love those dawn pictures with a splash of red glow from the sun.


And look what our bank sent us yesterday, in the name of the guy that is responsible for us,  as a little Christmas token, both Mr. Swiss and I got one. Very Swiss made with the emblem on the mug. Various contact people send little gifts at the end of the year, but we were really pleased with this one: a nice mug with Swiss design and even a matching spoon, also in ceramic. We find it a very sensible gift and the quality is also quite good. Our plumber sent a letter thanking us for being his customers, but instead of sending a gift he tells us that he is giving a donation to a charity. I find that also a very good idea


I am always taking photos of birds in the garden, but yesterday as an exception one little bird on its own appeared under the table outside  where often seed remainders are laying. When I uploaded the photo something caught my eye. A little flash of red on the breast. I asked Mr. Swiss to take a look and he confirmed that it was a robin. They seem to be the loners in the bird world, only making single appearances. I only caught it from the side, but the red breast can be seen.


It was also time to give my poinsettias water. I have never had such success with them as this year, but I found some instructions in internet and they seem to be working. Not too much water and it was recommended just to put them in a water bath once a week, which I am doing, although I always have a feel on the surface to see if they need it or not. This time I waited almost two weeks as I found the earth was still damp. They very rarely lose a leaf and even the little buds in the middle have opened nicely. They also do not like draughts, so I keep them in a sheltered place. I have had them since mid November and they still look the same as the day I bought them.

Otherwise yesterday was  the day of week-end shopping and as luck would have it, it began to rain on the journey to the supermarket, melting the remaining snow on the roads. The store is never crowded in the mid afternoon so I could shop in comfort.

Christmas is getting nearer and I am now in the process of some serious logistic work, planning my shopping days and what to buy. Shall I go shopping on the Monday of the Christmas week, or order my meat for Christmas Eve, when the stores are only open until 4.00 p.m., when I might have the problem of being caught in the rush of people? I am still thinking about it. I also have to plan the meals for the days when everything is closed, as the stores only open again on 27th December, although some make an exception and open on the 26th. It feels like it must have been in wartime, when my mum had to be sure to get her rations in time. In any case I just had a looking at the opening times for my supermarket on Internet which shows all the details.

And now to plan my day, although it will be more a domestic challenge and really no stress. It is not snowing, what we got is now melting and everything seems to be under control. Keep well everyone and try to relax at this stressful time of the year.


There are footsteps in my garden (from my daily early morning photography session).

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. The mug/spoon is a wonderful gift. I really like something practical as opposed to just giving something for the sake of giving. The robin photo–you have been taking some wonderful motion shots of the birds. This is such a good one. That little bit of red breast showing….lovely.

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