Good Morning


It finally arrived. Mr. Swiss was up in the middle of the night and returned to the bedroom with the wondereful tidings of snow. He said it was snowing outside. If I stop hugging the bed in the middle of the night it is not to see what is happening outside, but now I knew it. Today is Friday the thirteenth and living up to its name. This morning I do not have to go anywhere in particular, my quests are afternoon journeys when I will be getting the week-end supplies. I am sincerely hoping that our local authorities will saddle their snow ploughs this morning and clear the roads. Another wish is that it stops snowing some time during the morning, although it is still flaking down.

Of course I was feeling sorry for the birds outside, so put on my special long black padded coat and dug around until I found my pink plastic clogs which are very good for snow walking.  I found them below the garden table, so I cleared away the cobwebs and put them on. Walking on fresh snow is not  a good idea, even with plastic clogs and a good profile on the sole, but I made it to the bird feeder, filled it and returned to distribute other bird trophies in the garden. In the meanwhile I now have at least 20-30 sparrows and 3-4 magpies making the most of the food.


I just risked a quick shot of the sparrows digging into their breakfast, although it is only with my mobile phone camera, but it gives you an idea of the coming and going here. Something like Piccadilly Circus in London or Times Square in New York.

Talking of London, it seems that the British elections are over with a record win for BoJo (Boris Johnson) and Jeremy Corbyn is now on his way out. Whether it is a good thing or not, who knows, but we Brits now have something completely different and the mop of blond hair will perhaps become even more popular than that guy’s carrot head over the pond.


Just before I began to sink the blinds yesterday evening I noticed that our fuller moon was shining outside so just had to take a photo. Then it was not yet snowing.


Yesterday was the last of my exceptional visits to town and probably one of the last without snow covered streets. I was at the dentist for a hygienic event and now my pearly whites dazzle everyone when I smile. I am so glad that there will be no more extra tours during the day for the time being, although Mr. Swiss says “you never know” By the way you can see the entrance to my dentist where the blue and white sign is on the left. It is situated in one of our old narrow cobblestoned alleys in our town. Mr. Swiss often finds I could actually drive into the alley and park my car next to the dentist, as I have a special handicapped permit. I tell him “forget it”. I have no intention of weaving my way between the other parked cars, which are mainly vans from  various tradesmen.

And now to move on. It is still snowing and I have a few household chores awaiting my attention, including ironing of the bed linen that I washed yesterday. The life of a retired golden oldie is not always luxury. Wishing you all smooth runnings today and just to add, it is still snowing out there.


12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I wouldn’t drive into that tiny lane either! For one thing, it’s so narrow it’s a good way to come out of the dentist and discover someone has mashed your car!

    “You never know” is our motto! As soon as we think everything is beginning to smooth out, nope. Not smooth. Lots of family drama here, too. On the upside, Owen is back and that is a big help. I have some help in cleaning, if rather erratically.

    Somehow, things will work out. I don’t know how, but they will. They have to.

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    • I am sure they will eventually. Luckily there are only the three of us at home, so not so complicated. And I must say that my No 1 son is alsoma great help


  2. I probably told you of my first experience with snow, in 1976 when I was in the third grade. The sunlight in the bedroom window was unusually bright that morning. When we looked outside, everything was bright white. We totally freaked out! It was terrifying! We had no idea what it all was! Of course, once we were told it was snow, we wanted to go out and play in it. It was about half an inch deep. It has not snowed there since then.

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    • My first experience was in London. As a kid I found it fascinating, but when it now and again snowed in London it was not so pleasant. No-one was prepared for it and it got dirty very quickly. It belongs to the landscape in Switzerlad, although this Winter we have only had one snowfall in our region and it disappeared the next day. However, there is enough in the skiing regions.

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