FOWC with Fandango: Either


Either you write regularly on your WordPress blog or not. I must admit sometimes the impulse fails me to write, but either you write or you don’t. I was looking for something to say, but at the moment I am sitting alone in the kitchen, cooking the evening meal and as a side line, writing. Think I will eat a clementine in the meanwhile, or shall I wait until after the evening meal.

And so I took a photo of what is at the moment on the table. In the background I can hear  the hot air revolving in my oven baking the tomatoes and now I will move on to fry the eggs and meat loaf slices. To my either, there is no or. A woman’s work is never done and I am glad to say that I will now be home bound over the week-end until Monday. and I do not care if it snows or not.  Even if a guy turns up in the garden collecting animals two by two and putting them in his boat I do not care. It can rain or snow or do what it wants to, my week-end  is planned.

FOWC wit Fandango: Either

6 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Either

  1. I’m beginning to get back into the rhythm of writing. It’s still going to take a few weeks. These have been ridiculously busy months — and last night, our boiler started to puff steam. It’s not supposed to DO that. That was when I realized it’s 31 years old and it’s a miracle it’s working at all.

    We are trying to figure out what we can sell. I have some paintings that should be worth something — not “old master” stuff. Much newer painting and it’s possible that a few of my dolls — and at least one of Kaity’s may be worth more than I thought. I have to do some research. I have to admit I didn’t want to give up any of the paintings. I really love them, but you can’t live here without heat and hot water. And JUST when I thought we had made some progress on the house.

    We age. The house ages. The worn-out parts the repair guy made on the boiler today were installed 10 years old, having last been changed in 2009. How did 2009 become 10 years ago? I thought it was YESTERDAY. I swear, this past decade has vanished like the blink of an eye. Actually, the last 20 years have pretty much slipped into the past without my having really noticed.

    So GB elected Boris and we’re impeaching Trump and the world goes round and round. Love you! I’m not ignoring people, but I have had so much to deal with. December is downright evil. It’ll slow down in January and February, but March is always FULL of medical stuff. All my big surgeries were in March, so all the checkups and repairs come just around my birthday. I try NOT to have a cancer checkup on my birthday!

    Miss you. Love you, too.


    • It seems we battle on, no matter what and time passes, too fast often. It was almost a year ago that we had to say goodbye to our car after the confrontation Mr. Swiss had with a lamp post and afterwards he could say goodbye to his driving licence, although I find 80 years is old enough to give it up. I have been on the road constantly now for almost a year and I was the one thinking about given it up due to my illness. Although even my doctors advised me against doing it and now I am glad.
      It has been a year of stress. Mr. Swiss got two new eyes, and now he has new teeth. I now have two grandchildren and life goes on. Life has entered a different phase for both of us now. Mr. swiss with his 80 years is no longer as mobile as he was, although thank goodness we can still have a conversation. My movements are getting slower and I am thinking about the day when I must have a wheelchair for my car as my mobility is getting more problematic.
      We are having new shower doors fitted next week, otherwise our apartment is now 20 years old and it should hold through for the next 20 I will then be 90 and Mr. Swiss 100 so who cares.
      There were times when I was also thinking about giving up my blogging life, but somehow I need it. I am just hoping that life will be calming down at least until Christmas.
      I so hope you can solve your boiler problems.It is certainly one thing after the other for you.
      I wish you all a good festive season and may it all get better.I am sure if we would one day meet it would be a great meeting. I would so love to for it to happen


      • I’ve thought about quitting too … but what else would I do with myself? Right now, it’s hard to keep up. I was pretty sure I was done with being busy all the time. Obviously, I was wrong. Garry is 77 and beginning to have problems keeping up. Mostly, he likes watching old movies and sleeping. I know he feels he should be doing more, but I think he’s pushing himself. We are both tired and not likely to get less tired. We are looking at buying a relatively new boiler. A lot of people switch from oil to gas and sell the boilers which are just 2 or 3 years old for very short money. I really don’t need one that will last for another 30 years because we are very unlikely to be around by then. Plod on my friend. Writing and photography are most of the fun i have thse days!

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        • Too much relies on me now. My living situation has altered. Mr Siwiss is now old and physically has senior problems. In the good old days we would go shopping together but now more an exception than the rule. He has lost so much weight, although that seems to be just a symptom of aging and not due to illness. Slowing down is a great problem for both of us and my MS is progressive, although thanks to my medication I can slow it down. I had big stress problems with mr. Swiss eye treatment and dental work bringing him for treatment and fitting in shopping, he now goes to bed earlier in the evening and used to be a night owl. Now I am the night owl sitting alone in the evening watching TV or writing. I am adjusting my life style. But we carry on. Love you Marilyn and take care.


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