RDP Thursday: Flourish


All I can say is do not get too near to the computer, you might get burnt.

Our dentist has a screen on the wall that changes the pictures constantly. This time the picture was fixed and it was this fire. Whilst I was waiting I decided to take a few photos and this one is of the burning fire on the screen. The photo is by me, but I did not make the film. Anyhow it is flourishing away and keeping all the patients nice and warm in the surgery.

Afterwards I paid a visit to the tooth hygiene lady for a removal of some tartar that she found and a general polishing up. I must say when she was finished I had the feeling that my mouth resembled a quarry. Actually she praised me for the care I pay to my teeth. I am a golden oldie and am pleased to say that my own teeth are still present, with a few added bits and pieces over the years and naturally the famous fillings. I have one false tooth, a so called pivot tooth, and have had it for at least 55 years. It has become part of me. And what else does a senior citizen have to do all day, clean your teeth of course.

And now the most painful part follows, when I get the bill for the work carried out.

RDP Thursday; Flourish

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