Good Morning


This morning we have again grey skies and it is raining. Yesterday was something completely different, so I though I would show one of my better photos. The photos yesterday did not do credit to the wonderful sunrise as it was only with my telephone camera, but I also took a couple with my Nikon camera and got the better quality of course. It was really like this. Even our news reported that we were having wonderful sunrises in the morning. It was also quite sunny yesterday, although cold.


I was again shopping in the afternoon. The supermarket is now completely in the Christmas spirit of things with its decorations everywhere. Even the advent wreaths are now half price. Perhaps I should have waited a week before buying mine, but the idea is that you light them on the first Sunday in advent, so that would have been too late.

By the way I am having problems with my connections this morning, although I do not think it is a WordPress problem, but more a local thing, so if I suddenly disappear, blame it on the computer.

Today is again day of the clean linen on the beds, and I have already began with the new covers on the duvet and cushions and the rest will follow later. I also got a delivery of my MS medicine for the next 3 months, meaning unpacking and dealing with the cardboard boxes and various plastic packing. I think I have now spent enough energy for the day.


Yesterday I got one of those action photos as the crow flew off . As it is now the Christmas season Mr. Swiss decided we should again have some walnuts at home, so I bought a packet yesterday. I had the idea of giving my crows a couple in the morning. They are quite clever and I had visions of Mr. Crow hammering the nut on the ground with his beak until the shell was broken. However, nothing of the sort. Mr. Crow is clever and flew off with his walnuts to crack them open in his own space somewhere.


And of course the sparrows are here as always. They seem to take over as far as food supplies are concerned.

I have my dental appointment this afternoon. I am not really bothered about the treatment, it is just my annual cleanup and nothing really painful, although she does like to scrap away on the surface with her drills, but it is again the time I need to get to town, hobble to the practice with my walker and drive home afterwards. I would rather sit comfortably in my chair at home or take half an hour longer midday sleep.

An now I will depart to finished the bed making with all the attached cleaning under the bed. I hope your day is a little less stressful than mine. I am now off and leave you with the supermarket Christmas tree. Yesterday it was fully illuminated, although during the daylight hours you do not see it so well.



7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. California black walnut, which is native nearby, was planted extensively as understock to the orchards of English walnut, as well as shade trees along some of the old highways. I was probably a good idea when they were planted more than a century ago, before cars were popularized or able to move so fast. Since then, crows have learned to use cars to open the very hard nuts. They drop a few onto the highways and wait for cars to run them over. The problem is that they sometimes drop them onto cars, and have cracked a few windshields.

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    • Crows are quite clever birds. Ours have not yet discovered the car trick. They drop them from the trees. However I noticed that our magpies are quicker than the crows and snap the away. I don’t know how clever the magpies are in opening the nuts.

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