Good Morning


Got it: every morning when I rise I hope to catch the sunrise, but I am often just a little too early. As the times change, the sun rises a little later and this morning I got it. I had made my No. 1 son’s bed, emptied the cat tray and filled the bird feeder and had another look and there it was and it looks like it is here to stay for today. Yesterday we had rain all day, and a soaking rain that only rained once from morning to evening.


This morning everything was in my favour and even the crows decided in that moment to do a group flight as I had my camera ready. It was only my mobile phone, but even that captures some good shots.

In the meanwhile my cleaning lady has arrived and is busy doing the necessary. I also had a few extra chores and whilst she is busy I usually polish up my windows on one side of the apartment. They are not so exposed to the rain and wind as we have a balcony above and so it is really just a task of freshening them up.

In the meanwhile my dentist sent me an SMS to remind me that we have a date Thursday afternoon. I also got a reminder that Mr. Swiss also has appointment this afternoon, so it looks like we will be busy again.  I just hope that the rain stays away. Yesterday I had an afternoon shopping trip and it was dismal and rainy and not very pleasant driving. I also had a quick detour to the pharmacy as my diabetes tablets were slowly coming to an end. My half year prescription is finished this week, so I will have to get a renewal next year, meaning a new long-term blood sugar test, although after 30 years it seems to be under control.


For the last couple of days my birds had not been eating so much, although they are still getting bigger and fatter and certainly not starving. Perhaps it was because the weather was not so inviting, but today they are back to normal emptying the food supplies by midday.


I also noticed this morning that our Jura mountains, in the background to my garden, had a sprinkling of white on the higher slopes, meaning snow. It looks quite good and I am happy if it snows, as long as it stays away from our roads.  I just do not like driving on it.

And now to move on to other chores like finishing the dinner which is nicely cooking. Have a good day everyone, stay safe and I will be back later.

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. That’s a beautiful golden sunrise!

    I think the birds know when bad weather is coming. I know right before rain or snow, they get hungry … and when there’s a cold wave coming, they eat like CRAZY because they need the fat to keep from dying in the cold. They don’t eat the same amount every day, either. Some days they won’t stop eating and others, they just nibble a little. They also come in flocks. Today we had a flock of bluebirds, only the second time we’ve ever seen them. Of course, by the time I got the camer on and up, they were gone. I missed a couple of woodpeckers, cardinals, squirrels, and a flock of bluebirds. I did get a few nuthatches. I swear they are teasing me.

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    • For the sunrise I am getting used to the right time to be there, although unfortunately it doesn’t always rise.
      I have various eating places for the birds. The sparrows prefer ground level and so do the big birds. Otherwise the tits seem to have the birdhouse to themselves. Now and again I see a single robin, but they are difficult to catch


  2. The Jura look completely different with snow. In the Los Angeles region, snow is visible on the tops of the mountains in the distance, even though some people who live there have never seen it. The mountains around San Jose do not get as much snow because they are not as high.

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