RDP Monday: Flagrant


No matter where you look today, somewhere there is a crane. Someone, is building, altering buildings and converting them into something else.  Even in the narrow passages of our local town, amongst the Christmas lights, there is crane taller than all the surrounding buildings. In this case it is one of our stores that is being converted. I am not sure into what, but due to the demise of most of our stores, it will become something completely different.

It used to house a store for toys. At the end of the year, Christmas, it would be crowded with parents searching for something for the kids. Today they just sit on the computer and choose what they want. No more queuing at the cash desk, just fill in the details of your credit card and the business is completed.

I was once one of those parents, and  remember when Mr. Swiss and I would have a closer look at the toys on offer. Admittedly it was a stressful time shopping, but it belonged to the season, and we were then also many years younger. The gifts were chosen and the store would wrap them in Christmas paper. I suppose everything has its time and place, but I often think we all now live in our own separate worlds.

Today I was at the local store and I noticed they have also now organised a table for wrapping the Christmas gifts, but there were no customers having anything wrapped: two ladies surrounded by Christmas paper and shiny bands to make a parcel,. It all looked very much abandoned.


From a distance looking back at our town, you can see the crane poking through the roofs. Perhaps someone could tie a Christmas star to it, just to make it a little festive.

RDP Monday: Flagrant

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