FOWC with Fandango: Litter

ttGarbage bags 19.02 (2)

The garbage bags are hungry
So feed them with the litter
They enjoy every morsel
Even if it is bitter
They swallow all with pleasure
It really is no sin
As long as it is congestible
You can put it in the bin
For metal and the glass
You have to use selection
Disposal is only monthly
There is a special collection
And then the big day arrives
Just once a week, which is luck
You can hear the motor coming
It is digested in a truck

Dustbin Truck 12.06 (3)

FOWC with Fandango: Litter

RDP Sunday: Charitable

classClass choir with music 16.05 (4)

This is a school class singing to collect money for their class excursion. Perhaps I dropped a few francs in their box, perhaps not, but I have slowly come to the conclusion that I am no longer very charitable.

Begging letters appear daily in the letter box, various groups are collecting money on street corners. Is it an honest undertaking or not? It generally is in Switzerland, but my days of giving are gone. I live on pensions, the state pension and my work pension, so does my husband,  and  noticed that if you have a little savings on the side make sure you keep them safe, because you never know when you will need them. Today I am my own charity. I pay my taxes and my bills and my rent and what is left are for the emergencies.

They are emergencies because you do not know when they happen. Repair work or health needs arrive with a surprise. I now have a cleaning lady once a week because I can no longer do everything myself. I have to pay my part of her social security as well as I am her employer.  Switzerland is not a charitable country and the authorities are not waiting to help financially. They judge you by what you have and that is used first of all. I am getting older and am still lucky enough to live in my own four walls more or less independently. Mr. Swiss is another case. He can no longer go shopping, does not drive a car and relies on the help I can give him. Sorry, but my charity now begins at home and no-one is out on the streets helping me with financial support. I just have to count my francs and see how it lasts.

RDP Sunday: Charitable

Good Morning


As usual my first movement of the day is to see what the weather was doing and I managed to capture the sunrise in all its glory. I have discovered that this time of the year is the best time for such photos, depending of course that the sun will actually rise. Today it looks like a good one.


And yesterday I put myself in motion with my wheelchair and paid a visit to town. It must be at least two weeks since I made such an excursion, but I have just not had the time. I had to talk myself into it yesterday. I missed the Christmas market due to shopping and other appointments, but the decorations are up and running. We have light chains hanging everywhere in the streets and they are even illuminated during the dull days.


The gulls have also returned. This one seems to be thinking about a flight. They always arrive in Winter. Their chances of finding food are probably better.


The river seemed to be full of them and now and again they embarked on a group flight.


And look who I met in town. This is our so-called Schmutzli, the assistant of Santa. Santa was also there, but as I was actually only interested in taking a photo of the donkey, Santa is only a small detail on the right. Schumutzli is the guy that punishes the bad boys and girls that have not behaved during the year, although not really. They always appear around 6th December, St. Nicholas day. The idea is that the kids say a Santa Clause verse and are afterwards rewarded by Santa with nuts and chocolates and tangerines and there was a family there with their kids, the father taking a photo of his children with Santa of course.


Otherwise is was a pleasant journey. When I arrived in the middle of town I saw this police car parked opposite to our little hut where the hot chestnuts are sold. On the other side there is the entrance of one of our banks just oppostie the parked car. I have no idea what the police were doing and the car was empty. I can only suspect that something might have been wrong in the bank. Even little country towns in Switzerland have their problems.

I was so glad yesterday that I did not have a shopping trip and also that I could leave the car at home for the week-end. I don’t really mind driving, but sometimes it is good to have time for myself. We were alone in the evening as No. 1 son was off to Zürich for his pop concert of one of the most popular Swiss rock bands who also happen to be a local group. It was a TV evening although I was busy uploading my photos and Mr. Swiss falling asleep in his chair. How times have changed over the years. When I look at the old photos of us both and compare them with us today – no forget it. We all change with age, it is just a small shock when you realise how much.

And now for a nice peaceful Sunday. Dinner will be an easy job with a cooked ham, some red cabbage and potatoes. I always prepared the cabbage myself, but have treated myself to ready cut and prepared in a packet, so just a matter of heating and eating. Even I like to take it easy.

And now to move on with a few small chores to keep me busy, otherwise life would get boring. Enjoy your Sunday everyone, and even if you have to work, there is still a Monday tomorrow.


On my way home yesterday I noticed a bright light in the background, so I turned in my wheelchair and caught the sun as it was deciding to go down. A little later we had a red sky. I have now decided to take a trip in the late afternoon for a few minutes just in our area to get a good view of the descent. Oh the chores of an amateur photographer.