RDP Saturday: Excitement


Yesterday was my 73rd birthday, and that was enough excitement for now. I did not have a big celebration, I did not even feel like I was a year older. When you become a golden oldie excitement is the last thing you need.

However, this afternoon I took a wheelie in my chair for the first time since about 2 weeks. I have had so much going on in my life with my dental visits, private stuff and Mr. Swiss dental visits that there was no time to enjoy anything. I was driving back and forth and fitting it all in. A new grandchild also arrived in between.

As I was wheeling home I notice a bright light behind me. It was the sun setting. I so wanted to take a photo of this for some time, but I am usually at home or somewhere else and I can only see it from afar and think how nice it would be to get that sunset in the camera. Today I achieved it all. On the way home in my chair, I turned the chair, looked back towards the West and I captured the sun shining in all its glory.

Now I am at home and noticed a red glow in the sky. I was immediately out with my mobile camera in the garden and the result is the photo above. That is my excitement.

RDP Saturday: Excitement

11 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Excitement

  1. Oh so pretty. Happy Birthday … I think I wished you that already a couple of days ago … but maybe not … It is only noon here … you are ready for the night I suppose …. have a great evening … SLP …

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