Good Morning


At last a bit of cloud structure in the morning instead of the boring grey sky. The sun has been arriving but always only at midday. Today it looks like it will arrive a little earlier. Being a little homebound, except for my excursions to the store, I appreciate every change in the surroundings.

Yesterday it was again time for week-end shopping, although I noticed it was not such a lot to buy as I had done some shopping already on Thursday as an exception. It was an exceptional week all together and I am hoping that the stress will now be less towards Christmas. I find it quite a sensible holiday this year. Tuesday is Christmas Eve, our big day for a food in the evening and the shops will be open until mid afternoon. The we have Wednesday and Thursday, and life begins normally again on Friday, so no big stress with the shopping. It is only Mr. Swiss and I and No. 1 son, so I will not have to feed an army as in the earlier days when all four kids were at home, plus a mother-in-law at Christmas.  There was a Christmas tree, excitement with presents for the kids and a lot more was expected from me as cook and hostess.  Is it a wonder that I got to become a Christmas grinch? It took a few years to get me into the spirit again, but this year I made a little effort and even have a few Xmas decorations in the apartment.


This was my breakfast table this morning. OK, nothing special, but my poinsettia is doing well. I have never had such success with them before. This time I had a look at some instructions on Internet and it said that you should not give them too much water. One suggestion was a bath once a week for a few minutes, so I fill the container with water and let the plant soak it up for about 5 minutes once a week and it seems to do the trick. Up to now it works and I almost no leaves have fallen up to now. It still looks as good as the day I bought it.

And now for a peaceful relaxed week-end. I am thinking about a short wheelie in my chair into town this afternoon, although I am not sure. I am getting too comfortable in my old age, but I would like to see the Christmas decorations and perhaps drive through the Christmas market for a few photos, although it is the same every year.


Since I park in the reserved spots for handicapped in the store, now and again someone brings their dog. They leave them outside until they finish their shopping so as I enter there is often a dog waiting. Another opportunity for a photo. I have never had a dog of my own and now it is too late, but something I would have liked to have.

I would like to thank everyone for their birthday wishes yesterday. I did not do anything special, although special for me means today taking it easy and not having to do anything. So now to move on with the usual routine. May you have a good day today and stressless. See you around



14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Great pictures. Have a good day. It is cold but sunny here. Yesterday was warm, 55 Fahrenheit. Used the fresh air to rake the leaves hopefully one final time in the yard. We will see. SLP …


  2. The secret really IS NOT TOO MUCH WATER. My problem is also lack of sufficient light. I just didn’t buy a poinsettia this year. I couldn’t deal with one more dead plant. I wish I had a place to put one. I need more light than I get where all the other plants are and there just isn’t any place to put them.

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    • At the moment they are doing well with just enough water once a week. They are making me nervous as it is going too well and I do not want to make any mistakes.


  3. None of the dogs I have lived with over the years were planned. I am glad they were here though. I tried to find a good home for Rhody, but I am glad I never did. I know he is happy here anyway.

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