FOWC with Fandango: Stage


Yesterday I was the star of the presentation, the middle point, I became well known and famous. Perhaps I am exaggerating a little.

It was my 73rd birthday, not really a big deal, after all I had 72 behind me already. The scene was in the local supermarket. I was finished with my shopping and remembered I should visit the drug store as I needed those special brushes you use to clean between your teeth. OK, that is not so important, but I have to fill in the details. As I am more or less a regular customer at this particular shop, I have a special card that gives me a little percent once a month, just a couple of Swiss Francs, not a fortune. I showed the card at the cash desk and suddenly one of the assistants said “Happy Birthday Mrs. Angloswiss” although she used my real name of course. I looked at her and felt quite important asking how she knew it was my birthday. They always used my name. She laughed and said it was on my card.

Now the big part of the scene arrived. As it was my Β birthday she said I could choose one of their products as a birthday gift. Now there was a problem. You have the complete choice of a drug store, but you do not use make up, no hand cream, and definitely nothing for your skin. Β I am just not the type.Β I always use a special shampoo which they do not have.

She gave me a choice and I was overwhelmed. Eventually I settled for a bottle of hand soap which I can always used. That was my big moment. The cameraman was not there, so I have now taken a photo of the bottle of hand cream as a memory of my big break. I will definitely make a point of visiting this store again on 6th December 2020. I then have a year to think over what I would like.

FOWC with Fandango: Stage

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