Good Morning


Another dull morning this morning, where as the sun gone I ask myself. Now and again it appears in the afternoon, but does not stay very long. The trees have now almost completely lost all of their leaves, so forget Autumn, Winter is creeping in. No snow up to now and I am hoping it will stay away at least until Christmas. I have a few shopping trips to do for food over Christmas.


I do not even have much to offer as a photo at the moment. My birds are still visiting their feeding station daily which the tits seem to have taken over. The sparrows prefer to feed on the ground or on the top of my raised bed.


And the crow and magpies have reserved the largest space for themselves. They do not seem to argue very much and are very polite. As long as there is enough food to share, they are happy.


Otherwise my routine is at last settling down to normality. I was shopping yesterday afternoon, the first time since Monday as I had no time in between. The cupboard was really getting bare, but thanks to my logistical planning the food lasted until yesterday lunchtime. I made spaghetti with a tuna fish sauce, something you can buy in advance and keep for a few days. I even found half a salad head in the fridge which was still quite fresh. I only shopped for the bare minimum yesterday as today will be week-end shopping this afternoon. I still have to make my list. I would love to get into town at the moment to have a look around. Our Christmas market is now there, with a Santa Claus and all the trimmings. For a musical touch we have the Salvation Army band, but alas my time is again occupied with two dental visits next week, one with Mr. Swiss and the other for me. I have to seen the dental hygienist as I have had no time for her since almost 2 years.

No. 1 son is off to Zürich on Saturday evening for the goodbye concert of one of our local groups, Krokus. They are quite popular. My son knows all the musicians and they know him, so it will be a little sad that after this week the band will no longer exist. They are now slowing down, all becoming golden oldies, and have also accompanied my musical background since I have been living in Solothurn. So I wish you all a good day and say goodbye with one of their videos. This one was filmed in London, and I am sure it will wake you all up.

Oh, I was not really going to mention it, but today is my 73rd birthday. No big deal, just another brick in the wall.

18 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Happy Birthday !!! Have a great day …. do something you like as a gift to yourself !!! Even if it is only to take that extra nap as evening arrives …. !!! SLP …


    • The problem with birthdays is it means we are getting older. I am still the only one cooking here. I wish I had an Owen. Last week I really had to plan the shopping because I was not always available to do it due to other appointments. I even found myself buying an extra bag of bird food to make sure they had enough for the week.


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