RDP Thursday: Microcosm


Admittedly not very picturesque, but I do not wear my cocktail dresses at home, just plain, simple and comfortable trousers, and my feet are just a conclusion to my leg,  but that is not what I want to say. Being 1 meter 75 cms tall there is nothing micro anything on my appearance. I was the tallest in the school class am still one of those that shows in a crowd. However, if you  look carefully you might notice something. As I have been living with it for some time, I did not really notice it at first.

I now realise that all trousers that I buy have a manufacturing mistake. The left leg is longer that the right leg. No matter what I wear for trousers, jeans or casual the left side  material hangs further down than the right, at least that is what I thought. However after examining the situation more in detail I have come to the conclusion that since I broke my left leg it is now shorter than the right leg, about 2 centimetres, especially the distance from the body and the knee. My right knee is lower than my left knee. Do I now qualify for an entry in the Guiness Book of Records? In this case there is no blame on the clothes manufacturers. I would add I have developed a slight limp and have to lift my left leg to put it in the car with my hands. It now longer moves so well on its own. Even Mr. Swiss noticed this anomaly, but nobody is perfect.

RDP Thursday: Microcosm

9 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Microcosm

  1. I wouldn’t worry too much. I had to live to a ‘great age’ until a French doctor told me that ‘all my troubles of the left side’ stemmed from my left leg being 2cm shorter than the right…. Nobody ever told me that before and yet, it makes perfect sense. So, as the English say: I just got on with it 🙂

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  2. We accumulate those evidences of a life well spent, no matter how quirky or miserable! I also have to life my left leg into the car, though it is my right leg that is the weaker of the two. Go figure!

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