FOWC with Fandango: Damage

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Why do things always happen on Saturdays, Sundays or after 6.00 p.m. Quite obvious really. There is something called Murphy’s Law after hours, the last two words I added myself. If anything goes wrong it goes wrong, especially when everyone has gone home, closed the business and do not return until the next morning or Monday as the case may be.

Yesterday evening I heard the Niagara Falls in our shower toilet. There was water rushing down the closet, so I pressed the fixture to let it flush. It flushed, the water stopped for a few seconds and began again. We did call our wonderful plumber man and he did what he could by telephone. The final solution was turn off the water, we agreed. We then went on the search for the water tap. There was a green one and a red one. We decided that it was the green one we should turn, as the red one was definitely for the hot water. The problem was that both taps were in the back of the cupboard with the boiler and it was impossible for two golden oldies to reach them. We gave up and closed the shower-toilet door. At least we did not have to listen to the expensive litres of water rushing down the bowl. The next day we discovered that they were the wrong taps, and there were the right taps just behind the boiler door.

The next morning our wonderful plumber appeared at the beginning of the day and in half a minute the water stopped spilling and splashing: peace reigned. He then replaced the parts that the calcium had blocked and everything was working fine. It was one of those moments that I decided that if I could live my life again, one of my sons would have become a plumber. The other? An electrician. The electricity also fails always at the weekend or in the late evening. I am sure you have also noticed that.

A Sunday afternoon walk through the Einsiedelei, Rüttenen

FOWC with Fandango: Damage

RDP Wednesday: Enchanted


No matter how it shines
No matter what the size
The moon is an enchantment
It dominates the skies
Shedding a silvery glow
Not hanging on a thread
Suspended in the night
a nocturnal figurehead
But did you ever think
What could happen if it would fall
Would it make a noise
Would it bounce just like a ball.
Perhaps it might just crumble
Spreading silvery light
The problem would be quite clear
No-one survives to remember the satellite

RDP Wednesday: Enchanted

Good Morning


I am cheating a little here. This is not this morning’s sunrise, but from yesterday. As I was again absent yesterday I did not want to withhold this wonderful morning. Today we have a cloud lid over everything although I think it will disappear again, at least I hope so. There is no rain or snow, just temperatures aroung 1-2°C.

Time seems to be avoiding me at the moment. On Monday I arrived in the morning, and that was all until now. I had a big shopping tour on Monday afternoon and was just too tired to write anything further on that day. Yesterday the cleaning lady was here in the morning. I always write later then in any case, but yesterday morning I had to prepare some documents for an important meeting I have with the authorities concerning my handicapped son which will be this afternoon. My No. 2 son also visited yesterday evening and we had quite a lot to discuss.


And then I had my dental appointment yesterday afternoon, which gave me the opportunity to take a few photos of our town as I was on my way to the practice. It was mid afternoon and the sun had already began to cast its glow on the buildings.

We had a little drama beginning Monday evening. Our toilet flushing system in the shower got stuck and we had a continuous waterfall, so we called our plumber. Although it was 7.00 p.m. he was very helpful and aided with our descriptions he told us what we could do. However it was not possible and so he promised to call first thing in the morning, which he did. It seems the plunger had a chalk congestion problem, but it has now been replaced, although we had a Niagara falls noise effect all through the night.

I lost part of a tooth a couple of weeks ago and the dentist repaired it for me, but only temporarily, although the repair work was so good, I found why work on it further. However, it was an old amalgam filling and she said it should be replaced, which was yesterday’s work. The question was pain-killing injection or not. I decided not and she said it would probably work. If it got too bad, I should raise my hand. Now and again I felt a twinge, but nothing unbearable and she got the job done perfectly. I think she spent more time on the architectural perfection of shaping the new filling and polishing. It is now the same colour as the surrounding tooth and fits perfectly in shape. It is one of the back teeth used mainly for chopping and crunching and for a 73 year old gold oldie it is looking quite good.


The Christmas decorations have now been completed in town so I took the opportunity to take a few photos. I decided to park in the underground park house. This time I headed for the parking space for the handicapped which I discovered on my last visit. Unfortunately the left entry way was blocked as the guy was emptying the machine and I had to take the right side, which did not lead automatically to the lower floor. My bad luck, but I found the way and the parking space. I was also worried if my plastic parking card had eough money on it to let me out again. I had a quick check on the machine and discovered I still had almost 100 Swiss francs on it, so it should last for the next few months. As I fed the machine with the plastic card, it dropped on the floor and although the barrier was open I really did not know what to do. The guy heard my exclamation and I told him what had happened. He came over, had a look and found the card in between my car the the barrier and gave it too me. I was so glad. I am just a little clumsy with my hand co-ordination sometimes.


We got new decorations last year in town and although it was only late afternoon, they were already swiched on and you could see the effect. I decided to take some photos now, as with my tightly packed schedule at the moment, I do no know when the next chance will be.


At home the birds are still making the most of my food supplies. Now I have found a good position for a few seeds for them, just opposite my kitchen window on my raised bed. It is mainly the cheeky and fearless sparrows that use this space.

And so I am back for now. Although I am away for an hour in the afternoon, I hope to be back to continue with a few bits and pieces, but I never know how the day develops. Tomorrow afternoon I am again shopping and it really looks like a normal day again. I am so missing my excursions into town at the moment as the Christmas market is now beginning, but I am hoping to go at the week-end.

And that is my summary of my exciting life for the time being.


I hope to be back some time today again, In the meantime keep safe and well.