Good Morning


It is not raining, but probably thinking about it. I find it suspenseful in the morning when I stop hugging the bed and look out the window to see what the morning impressions are. At least there are some cloud contours above. And then my mobile phone  peeped. The first contact of the day, but it was a message from my dentist reminding me that tomorrow afternoon I have an appointment. It is very nice of them to apply a modern communication system, but how can you forget a dental appointment. They are somehow etched into your brain until you get it behind you.


Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent, and so we lit the first candle on our newly bought advent wreath as is tradition. I did not bother with traditions for the last couple of years, but this year I just needed something to brighten up Winter a little. It seems only yesterday I was complaining that Christmas was coming all too soon in the stores, and now it is really arriving. For me it is a tradition: memories of past Christmasses in London when I was growing up. The family getting together, aunts, uncles and cousins, all meeting at my aunts house: having a Christmas tea together, distributing presents from the tree and a general celebration afterwards. There was nothing still and candlelit in our family, but a general party with the drink flowing with a lot of dancing and singing.

Today, in Switzerland, I have got to know another sort of Christmas with kids singing Christmas songs and poems for their gifts from the tree after the evening meal: just generally a calmer celebration. And of course with a real tree in the corner, dressed with real candles. We had a wonderful white shiny plastic tree at my aunts with electric lights, to suit the general party mood.


Yesterday I made the effort to get some Christmas decorations organised in the apartment. I went down to the cellar and loaded my walker with various objects. We do not really have a lot, but eventually I realised it was a little too much and space was getting scarce for more. Anyhow I still found room for my Villeroy Bosch Christmas carousel on the sideboard using yet another candle.  I suppose all we need now is some snow outside, although currently I am quite happy without.

I was busy composing my shopping list yesterday. It is more comprehensive as usual as it has to cover everything until Thursday as I will be occupied with other appointments  with only time today to go shopping.


And here is the crowning glory of our Christmas decoration. Our little tree, complete with lights. We must have bought it many years ago at the store, but it now been neglected for the last couple of years. Mr. Swiss reminded me of the tree with the lights, so after finding it in a corner of cellar I also returned it to our Christmas decorations. There was a big disappointment at first as the lights did not work, and Mr. Swiss really wanted a lighting effect. However he plugged it in and actually we forgot it. This morning when we entered the living room it seemed that it decided to turn its lights on  some time during the night. Perhaps one of those Christmas miracles.  Anyhow it is now burning.

I am now burning to get on with my daily housework, so will leave you for the time being. Today will be more or less normal, but I am not sure how the remainder of the week will be. Anyhow have a good day and see you on the flip side or whatever.