RDP Sunday: Calendar


Advent Calendars seem to be everywhere at the moment. Even our local museum in town has decorated 24 windows to disclose a different scene daily until 24th December. It is an old custom here and why not. However, a calendar exists for 365 days a year and not only at Christmas. On my last visit to the chemists, the lady asked me if I would like one of their annual calendars and I gladly accepted. Since many years one of these calendars has been hanging on our kitchen wall showing a different photo for each month. There is also space to make notes. On the left is 2019 showing the last month of December, and on the right next years new calendar.

However a new calendar has entered my life, one that reminds me what is happening and when, the calendar on my smart phone. It even talks to me, with strange noises. Admittedly it took me some time to understand the logic behind the system, but now I have it in grips. No matter what the day, what the appointment, or what the person, I note it all and instruct this online calendar to send me the day’s reminder already at 7.00 in the morning. It shows on my telephone/iPad screen with the time and more details are available if I click on the remark, even on my Macbook. At last I have everything under control. I make a point of noting Mr. Swiss appointments as well, as I am his chauffeur and have to have it under control and now and again he confuses the dates.


As said it took me a while to find all the places to insert the details, but now I have arrived. Admittedly I do not have a full agenda of appointments daily, and it seems for December it is mainly the dentist that I must visit with Mr. Swiss and for me. Of course the Christmas holidays are automatically marked and even my birthday slipped in somewhere (6th December). Now there is no problem of forgetting anything. I am the online woman and when my iPhone and iPad talk to each other, what can go possibly go  wrong.

RDP Sunday: Calendar

6 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Calendar

  1. I find very useful the alerts of the calendars on the iPhone and iPad. It helps me a lot to be in time to the events in my schedule. I’m much more relying in digital calendars than in traditional ones.

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