December Photo a Day Challenge: 1. Welcome December


I took a walk in the gardening department of the local store and noticed that white seemed to be the theme. Christmas arrangements were everywhere highlighted by flowers and advent decorations. There were advent wreaths in all colours and forms with their decorated four candles and today you can light the first candle. I decided this was a good relaxed way to welcome December: everything was in its place and showing itself from its best side. So hello December, nice to see you again.

December Photo a Day Challenge: 1. Welcome December

4 thoughts on “December Photo a Day Challenge: 1. Welcome December

  1. I’ve just spotted that huge lantern hiding behind foliage and with teddy bears inside. It looks as though it might be as tall as I am (5’3″) ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not really into Christmas decorations, but everything looks good with plants and flowers around. Aren’t you a December baby, same as me?

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    • Actually I am an atheist, but I just enjoy the atmosphere. For the past couple of years I did nothing at home, although made sure we all had a good meal. There are only three of us at home. My 2nd son celebrates with his wife’s family in Germany, but that is OK. This year I decided to make an effort and even bought an Advent wreath with the four candles, I will also dig out my little Christmas trees in the cellar, one is even musical. I must be getting sentimental in my old age.
      And yes I am a so-called St. Nicholas child, born on 6th December. This year will be my 73rd birthday. I always feel a bit guilty, as no-one ever forgets my birthday being on such a prominent day in the European mainland. In England it was not so spectaular.

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