FOWC with Fandango: Divulge


The crow flew over the garden and saw the seeds and cawed with delight. The magpie was watching and waiting. Then the sparrows arrived. In the meanwhile the jay had landed on the branches of a tree waiting for its chance. After a couple of hours, there was no food left.


The moral of the story? Help yourself, there are no secrets in the bird world.


FOWC with Fandango: Divulge

RDP Sunday: Calendar


Advent Calendars seem to be everywhere at the moment. Even our local museum in town has decorated 24 windows to disclose a different scene daily until 24th December. It is an old custom here and why not. However, a calendar exists for 365 days a year and not only at Christmas. On my last visit to the chemists, the lady asked me if I would like one of their annual calendars and I gladly accepted. Since many years one of these calendars has been hanging on our kitchen wall showing a different photo for each month. There is also space to make notes. On the left is 2019 showing the last month of December, and on the right next years new calendar.

However a new calendar has entered my life, one that reminds me what is happening and when, the calendar on my smart phone. It even talks to me, with strange noises. Admittedly it took me some time to understand the logic behind the system, but now I have it in grips. No matter what the day, what the appointment, or what the person, I note it all and instruct this online calendar to send me the day’s reminder already at 7.00 in the morning. It shows on my telephone/iPad screen with the time and more details are available if I click on the remark, even on my Macbook. At last I have everything under control. I make a point of noting Mr. Swiss appointments as well, as I am his chauffeur and have to have it under control and now and again he confuses the dates.


As said it took me a while to find all the places to insert the details, but now I have arrived. Admittedly I do not have a full agenda of appointments daily, and it seems for December it is mainly the dentist that I must visit with Mr. Swiss and for me. Of course the Christmas holidays are automatically marked and even my birthday slipped in somewhere (6th December). Now there is no problem of forgetting anything. I am the online woman and when my iPhone and iPad talk to each other, what can go possibly go  wrong.

RDP Sunday: Calendar

December Photo a Day Challenge: 1. Welcome December


I took a walk in the gardening department of the local store and noticed that white seemed to be the theme. Christmas arrangements were everywhere highlighted by flowers and advent decorations. There were advent wreaths in all colours and forms with their decorated four candles and today you can light the first candle. I decided this was a good relaxed way to welcome December: everything was in its place and showing itself from its best side. So hello December, nice to see you again.

December Photo a Day Challenge: 1. Welcome December

One Word Sunday: Layered

Front Garden

About two years ago our building was given a face lift. The garden also had to suffer, and to make room for the scaffolding they removed some of the stones from the porch, but they piled them up neatly in the garden. After the work had been completed they were replaced. In the meanwhile I found them handy for my potted plants.

One Word Sunday: Layered

Good Morning


So enough dithering around this morning. First the bird wishes to fulfil and eventually my own wishes. I managed a photo of the sunrise, but that was not enough so a couple of minutes later I had to take another look to see if it had risen more and eventually I have four photos of this morning’s sunrise and cannot decide which one to show. Eventually I settled for this one, looking south. If I am looking North, I get this.


The reflection of the sun rising on the Jura mountains. If only that house was not always in the way, but I suppose you cannot have everything.


I treated myself to a new orchid last Friday. I know I am always buying orchids, but they do last for a couple of months afterwards and there might even be a chance that they wil flower again. One of my old orchids has produced a flower stalk, although no buds up to now, and another has two buds that have appeared. I will get there eventually.

My computers have been playing tricks on me lately. First of all my tabs on my Macbook rearranged themselves and I spent time finding and reorganising them again. And then I lost all my web links on my Windows machine. I was fiddling around inserting my new credit card number and somehow got into contact with the dreaded Cloud. I know we  need the cloud for mails and a few other necessities, but I have never given cloud permission to take over everything and I must have pressed a “yes” somewhere and all my links disappeared. Actually there is always something positive in a negative situation. I have now re-organised my links and thrown a few unnecessary ones out, a sort of spring cleaning session.


At the moment I am more at home. Yesterday the sun arrived but I decided to take it easy at home and probably today as well. There is a nip in the air and I have been hopping around enough lately. I have a shopping marathon tomorrow to cover me from Monday evening until Thursday lunch time. On Tuesday afternoon I have my long awaited dentist appoint for a new filling and Wednesday afternoon I am off to the authorities with Nos, 1 and 2 sons to sort out some legal stuff and no, it is not my will and testament. You cannot disinherit anyone in Switzerland, although I would not want to, but you can organise it a bit and that was done many years ago. In any case if life gets more expensive with rising prices and medical bills there will not be much left to inherit eventually.

And now to sort my Sunday. An easy to make lunch, steak, veg and chips (French fries for those over the pond) and  relaxed afternoon with nothing to do, at least not physically, more mentally, like reading and writing.


Have a good Sunday and be kind to your computers, they also deserve a rest now and again.