RDP Friday: Winter

papecomputer and handkerchiefs

It’s that time of the year again
Coughing, sneezing, shivering will reign
Turnover is high for a  medicinal cure
Boxes of handkerchiefs begin to mature
With their help you know the cold lasts seven days
Without it lasts a week, so treatment never pays
But winter has a good side
With flurries of white snow
Although not so pleasant
if you have somewhere to go
You will slip and slide,
for warmer weather you beg
And then you have an accident
and might even break a leg
The remedy is clear, and also justified
Wrap yourself up warm and stay inside

Snow 26.11 (13)

RDP Friday: Winter

3 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Winter

  1. It’s snowing over there? I like snow. Here we have cold and unpleasant weather, with lots of rain, but the snow is keeping in higher place. We can see it around us in the mountains. I hope you will survive the winter without suffering a nasty cold. I love your post.

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