One Word Sunday: Home

my cOn the Porch

Home is being surrounded by comfort, safety and the daily routine. I think this sums it up for me: my walking stick, the walker in the distance and my computer. This is outside on the porch, but inside it would be similar. I would be in the kitchen is the only difference.

And at the moment I have my daily birds –  here some green finches.


One Word Sunday: Home

11 thoughts on “One Word Sunday: Home

    • I must have bought it (about 100 Francs) at least 5 years ago. I know it was a small pet accessory shop at the Bahnhof in Oberbipp, Oberaargau in Kanton Bern. We happened to be there for something else and I knew that it would be ideal (very stable), but more I cannot tell you. It was so long ago and a Gelegenheitseinkauf. I think my english is suffering and sometimes only the useful German words come to my mind.

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      • Well thank you anyway. I had TWO and both got broken, mostly by the strong winds, but maybe also weakened by snow and rain. They were both not cheap and I hate to have none now and having spent a lot of money on that rubbish…… Shall ask my son to make me one.


    • We had a seat put into our shower some time ago and now we are going to have the doors replaced with something a little more modern with glass instead of the plastic we have. The fixtures will also be improved. I am quite looking forward to it and then the shower will be perfect.


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