RDP Saturday: Ostentatious


Not every day you get a new supermarket. It even belongs to the Swiss chain where I do my shopping and is within a 10 minute  walk from my home. I can even do it in my electric wheelchair within 5 minutes. It has been planned for at least a year. It used to be the place of my local car handler, but they moved out into an industrial area and so the time was ready for something completely different.

It opened its doors to the public last week. No. 1 son already had a closer inspection on the opening day and now it was my turn to have a look.  I have been occupied with other tasks lately, but my timetable is now looking normal for the next week and so I decided to have a look today. Of course the opening was crowned with extra 10% on purchases and the entrance had been decorated in the colours of the shopping centre, basically orange.


As I approached the supermarket I could see orange balloons hanging in the air as if by a mystical hand. Unfortunately parking spaces are only 40 meaning that it is a continuous coming and going  waiting for the next free place, but it was all quite well organised in the Swiss way. I was thinking about actually entering the new supermarket with my wheelchair, but as I did not really have anything particular on the shopping list I just remained a spectator and took a few photos from outside.

Was this an ostentatious event? In a way yes, as it was in a place just on the borders of the town and neighbouring on housing estates. If you have a few odds and ends to fetch, just a bag full, this is now ideal, within walking distance and there is even a tanking station for your car gas.

RDP Saturday: Ostentatious

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