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At the moment I seem to have problems everywhere. I managed to get a cold which has been robbing me of sleep, coughing and sneezing all night-. I have had to crop my private life to a minium. Even Mr. Swiss had to go to the dentist this morning with a taxi as I was in no fit state to drive. And I have to take him to the doctor this afternoon.

I will be bombarded with various appointments the next two weeks. I will have to go to the dentist twice, fit in shopping in between and also have an important appointment with my No. 1 son with the authorities in connection with his autism.. I have been trying to keep up my usual blogging but have realised that I will have to take five for a while. I will be missing you all, but will be back eventually. Sometimes real life just intervenes.

16 thoughts on “Abscences

  1. How can I wake up without β€œGood Morning”!! Seriously, feel better, Pat and enjoy having a little extra time. Check in occasionally and hope to see you back in full soon.


    • Good Morning, I feel for you and do hope that you and your family are soon back on top of things and wishing you all good health. I can identify, totally, with what you are coping with, My hubby has always had great health – I’m the opposite. Unfortunately, I have passed on Bronchitis to him – so we are both unwell – it’s a challenge and I have several doctor’s appointments, for this, and other related issues to attend…..but enough of my moaning – please just look after yourself – Take care and will hear from you further down the track πŸ™‚


  2. You will be back in the blogosphere before you know it. Make a pot of tea, but a good blurb blurb blurb of bourbon in it, get ready for bed, then drink it slow until it creeps up on you and you start to feel all warm and fuzzy … and then sleep, and tomorrow you will feel FANTASTIC !!! SLP …


  3. I know EXACTLY how you feel. So does Garry. Had blood tests today. Maybe they will show something. I have a cold and I’m constantly exhausted. if your teeth aren’t an emergency, why don’t you reschedule them? Give yourself a break and sleep in.

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    • I have rescheduled my teeth so often and now I really have to do it. No more rescheduling. There are so many bits an pieces to organize at the moment and it all comes together. i just have to sort my life. On top of It all I have this wonderful cold blocking my thought processes


  4. Dear Pat, please don’t even think of coming back before you’re not up to it. Real Life comes first. Look after yourself and Swiss Husband, look at this absence as a blogging holiday. We’ll wait patiently and welcome you back when and if you’re ready.
    Have a dentist appt tomorrow and can’t wait to see them. Have toothache for 2+weeks now but luckily got that appointment already 2 months ago…. Teeth can’t wait, they are too close to the brain to be ignored. But with a severe cold it might give you more trouble toothwise too. You will be doped with medication for a while but hey ho, something gotta give sometimes.
    Try to ‘cancel’ whatever is possible. Cook soups, if you have the energy for them, if not, have them from even the ‘Beutelsuppen’ section of your shop. I prefer the Knorr to the Migros ones but in your situation one mustn’t be difficult. Have your tea with ginger, lemon, honey – be kind to your body.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery, enough energy to feed your birds & cat, plenty of sleep and a good moan from time to time. That’s much needed too in such a situation πŸ˜‰

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    • Thanks for the words. My dental thing is just reconstruction. Lost a bit of back tooth, did not even have tooth pain. It was an old filling with amalgam which will now be replaced. My main problem was going here and going there,and having no more time for leading a normal,life. Next week looks normal,again, but the week after the pantomime begins again. By mid December I am hoping it will all be finished

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      • I too had my dental appointment. It was short but not sweet: The last molar (down left) with already a crown has to be replaced. It seems that the roots are starting to die away and they sent me bonkers with nerve pains…. The good news: I can do it at the best dentist of my life, in France, and it’s probably half of the costs in Switzerland.
        It’s a terrible place to have teeth work to be done, and I don’t envy you. The anxiety doesn’t help, does it?! Try to take it ‘one thing at the time’ which I know you’ll do anyway but it won’t hurt if somebody else tells you the same thing too πŸ˜‰ Normal life as you call it will have to take a break until it’s done and dusted.

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        • We have a super dentist practice. Marcel and I both go there since 20 years. The father has now retired and the son has taken over. They are almost family colleagues and know us well.

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  5. Hear! Hear! I echo the above sentiments. Look after yourself. It is now time for some self-mollycoddling, well spare a little bit for Mr Swiss because men get a little bit peeved if they are left out of any pampering regime. You will then return to the blog refreshed and full of get-up-and-go. So speaks one who is trying desperately to get back to blogging but falling under the weight of trying to keep up with things as she struggles with macular degeneration in both eyes, monthly eye injections, blood tests, getting used to not being able to drive, shopping and, well, all the things that happen when one loses the use of a car plus some sight. Every week I think things will be better. Perhaps next week may be the one!

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