8 thoughts on “FOTD 17th November 2019: Lily

  1. People who live in the neighborhood sometimes drop off potted lilies after they finish so that we can put them in random spots out in the landscapes. There is one starting to grow out there right now!

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      • Yes. Although we do not plant them intentionally, these discards are nice to toss out there to see what comes up. More than half bloom again. Some bloom several years. One has been blooming annually longer than anyone can remember. It is in the way of other planting, but no one will disturb it. Last year, we planted a group of about ten, and I am hoping that all will come back. They were doing well last time I saw their foliage.

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  2. It just started RAINING! It is only the second storm since spring, but is followed by a long series of more. Rain is expected to continue through the foreseeable forecast. It is SO rad! I know it is irrelevant to lilies, but I had to tell someone.

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    • Sounds like the even of the year. We just had a week of rain behind us, and today I saw the sun again. I have never heard anyone say that rain is rad before. We Europeans can be glad we do not develop webbed feet.

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      • It is appreciated more here where we do not get so much of it. Dry weather is nice, but we sort of get to missing rain by about now. Besides, rain coincides with cool (although not cold) weather that allows me to go start all the winter chores. Winter is brief, so I like to start on it as soon as possible. In the orchards, pruning used to start as soon as the foliage started to fade, before the rain started.

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