FOTD 15th November 2019: Rape


A strange name for a plant. I discovered this in a corner of the garden, and it seemed to have found its way from one of the fields we have full of rape (Brassica napus). Its main purpose is the oil it produces which we can buy in the local store. The fields are just one big yellow cloud.

Rap Seed Field in Feldbrunnen

FOTD 15th November 2019: Rape

11 thoughts on “FOTD 15th November 2019: Rape

  1. Wow! The photo of your Rape Brassica plant has been enlightening – as I am guessing these are the very plants that Rape-Seed Oil comes from (??) Thanks for sharing – the beautfiul yellow colourings have brightened up my day as I glance outside the window and see grey skies and rain.

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    • Yes they are the rape seed plants and we have many fields near us. It seems one of the seeds found its way to my garden. We also have a dismal day today


  2. It is also grown as a cover crop, or for crop rotation with more lucrative crops that deplete the soil if grown in the same fields every year. It is a nice vegetable too, like mustard.


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