Good Morning


It should be “Good Evening” as I am doing this one in the evening, so here is a photo of an afternoon sky just to mix it up a little more. This morning I will be taking Mr. Swiss to the dentist and will be away about an hour, so thought I would write my piece this evening.


I even managed to get a photo of a pair of sparrows enjoying a drink outside on the porch today.

Today I really had a stress day, although my own fault. I was doing my usual routine in the morning and suddenly remembered I should change the bed linen today. I had already made the beds, so I had to unmake them again. Tomorrow I will be at the dentists in the morning with Mr. Swiss and no more time for the job this week. And so I peeled the bed linen, cleaned under the beds and covered the beds with new sheets and new covers on the duvet and cushions. In between I prepared lunch, with help from Mr. Swiss, thank goodness and somehow I had it all finished for lunch. I had to get it done as son No. 1 had to go back to work afterwards. The beds were eventually finished and after dinner I collapsed into one of the newly made beds for half an hour sleep.

Afterwards I was off shopping to the store, more stress.


Christmas is slowly becoming noticeable at the store and the first selection of poinsettia have arrived. I thought I would buy one, but had so much else on my mind that I forgot. However, they will not all be sold today and I can pick one up the next time, which will probably be tomorrow afternoon as I will be taking Mr. Swiss to the store with me to pick up his glasses which are being replaced. The first pair, new, broke at the joint.

Today was a weight lifting job with the shopping as I had to get two crates (each one with 6 1-1/2 liter bottles) of mineral water and pepsi as well as the rest of the supplies to carry me through until Friday lunch. I am now hoping for a nice relaxing evening in front of the TV. I hope your day tomorrow/today  be a better one, today mine was really not so good.

I managed to find time today to take a photo of the supermarket Christmas Tree that arrived last week. Have a good day everyone, will be back later.



10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Wow … Christmas comes to Switzerland !!!! …. in USA we have the holiday of Thanksgiving … which will be two weeks from today I think …. yup … just checked the calendar. I was going to try to hold off until weekend after Thanksgiving to put up our little tree, which is about 60 cm tall and sits on the dining room table. But I am going to start getting out some of the other table decorations and things before then, I just feel like getting the holiday thing going a bit earlier this year so we can enjoy it. It all comes down right after Christmas, so why not put it up earlier and enjoy it? Have a good day. Get some rest today. SLP ….

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  2. Christmas stuff hasn’t arrived in little old Uxbridge yet. It will descend in one blizzard of Christmas just after Thanksgiving. But we don’t have any malls or — other than Walmart — places to shop. You have to go to another town for serious shopping and we don’t shop for each other for the holidays. I try to get one nice thing for family members, but that’s pretty much it. If we need something — and have any money — we shop AFTER the holidays when everything is on sale.

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    • Good idea. We stopped giving Christmas presents a few years ago. Christmas has already arrived here and the shops are ready. I might even decorate a little this year, just to create the atmosphere.


  3. Wow! such an impressive tree – and love the poinsettias – I came to NZ with my parents as a child and have memories of always having a “real” Christmas tree – just loved the pine smell – then when I married I started the same tradition, which was good for a number of years….until, one day, the tree I chose was quite a bit bigger. Poor husband had quite a job erecting it into our small lounge 😦 to make matters worse the tip left marks on the ceiling, so that was the end of the “real trees” and have had artificial ones ever since then – the upside is, easier to put up, and have a choice of a beautiful fir tree, or an artificial snow-tipped pine…took a while to get used to, but with advancing years 🙂 – so much easier to have and still love to change the colour themes each year. Thanks for sharing and wishing you a Happy and Blessed Christmas.

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    • There is always a tree outside the supermarket and we also have a couple in town. I had a real tree when the kids were still kids. I also changed to an artificial one and now we have mini tree. The kids Notwehr have their own trees.


  4. That Christmas tree seems to be a spruce. In Switzerland, it could be a fir that looks like a spruce. I grew Christmas trees briefly in about 1991.
    Poinsettias were popularized in San Diego. At a seminar in Sacramento many years ago while I was still in school, I met the son of Mr. Ecke who popularized them.

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